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Government Gone Wild

By Da King Published: November 4, 2007

bureaucracy tells us about government licensing for every occupation under the sun. From the article:

Do you want to be a fortune teller in Maryland? Your future better include a license from the state. How about being a hair braider in Mississippi? You'll need 300 to 1,500 hours of training and government permission. Want to sell flowers in Louisiana? Only licensed florists can do that. And almost every state requires certification if you want to move furniture and hang art while calling yourself an interior designer.

Naturally, there is always a fee required to get your license to sell flowers or braid hair, payable to Uncle Sam. Naturally. The state DFO (Department Of Floral Oversight) doesn't run for free, you know. If not for our intrepid government licensing watchdogs, we'd have unlicensed flower sellers and hair braiders running amok all over the country, selling unlicensed flowers and braiding unlicensed hair. Talk about anarchy. It's a public safety issue. Just imagine an unlicensed fortune teller operating in Maryland. Why, we could end up with some fortune tellers who were frauds, instead of the authentic fortune tellers we have now, because the authentic ones will pony up for the $75 licensing fee, whereas the frauds won't. Sounds like a foolproof government plan, doesn't it ?

I've always wondered about all this government licensing (taxation), even apart from occupational licenses. For instance, what is the point of paying $55 for that little automobile registration sticker we put on our Ohio license plates every year ? I mean, once your car is registered, it's registered, right ? The yearly renewal strikes me as a tad arbitrary, and more than a tad revenue-driven. And have you noticed the price for that little sticker goes up EVERY SINGLE YEAR ? That must be due to those high sticker production costs. Heck, those stickers could cost almost a tenth of a cent to manufacture. Maybe, just maybe, the license plate itself could serve as car registration and save us all some dough. What WAS the license plate supposed to represent prior to the sticker anyway ? I always thought maybe it was LICENSING, which IS REGISTRATION.

Another one is fishing licenses. What's the point of those ? It's not like you have to go through training on how to fish to get one (and I hope I'm not giving some bureaucratic dork an idea here). All you have to do is cough up the dough, and voila, you're a licensed fisherman, sanctioned by the state. Whoop-de-flippin'-do. I wonder how long it's going to be before some government genius gets the bright idea to tax the fish we catch. I'm surprised they haven't thought of it yet. They tax everything else, other than the air we breathe, and believe me, they're working hard on that one too. Global warming will be the excuse there. Thanks, Algore.

And if I hear one more politician complain about the high cost of gasoline, when the government tax on gasoline averages over a dollar per gallon, I'll, I'll.....

Probably just complain.

Where did this idea come from that the government has to stick their grubby little mitts into absolutely everything ? Even worse, where did the idea come from that the government has to get a piece of absolutely everything ? They're like the freaking mafia, except the mafia was less expensive and didn't have nearly as much power as the government does. No wonder the government cracked down on organized crime. They wanted to eliminate the competition.

You'll have to excuse me now, because I have to run down to the Ohio Department Of Internet Control (O-DIC) and pay my $150 blogger licensing fee, after I complete the mandatory blogger diversity and sensitivity training, of course.



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