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By Da King Published: April 4, 2010

If you want to incite right-wing extremist groups to violence, here is how you do it - you have elected officials say they don't care about the Constitution Of The United States. We've seen an awful lot of Congressers saying things to that effect over the past year, and now I give you Democratic Congressman Phil Hare from Illinois. You won't believe this numbskull:

Hare-brain not only said he "doesn't worry about the Constitution" when it comes to health care, he also was very irritated that someone would ask him about it. He cited the words "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" as a Constitutional justification for health care reform, even though those words come from the Declaration Of Independence, not the Constitution. After being confronted with his own ignorance, Hare-brain admitted he didn't know what gave the government the Constitutional authority to mandate health insurance. This is clearly a man who doesn't give a whit about the supreme law of the land, the law he swore to uphold as a Congressman. He also didn't seem to know that ObamaCare will not cover every person in the USA, even though he claimed to have read the health care bill three times. Hare-brain later claimed (as he read from prepared notes) that he was, drumroll please, "taken out of context," ha ha ha, insulting our intelligence yet again.

I'm thinking one should have to pass a basic Constitutional literacy test before one is allowed to run for Congress. I'd make it an essay test, with the answers becoming part of the public record.

Then we might not have guys like Phil Hare in office.



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