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By David King Published: October 10, 2013

Kathleen Sebelius, the HHS Secretary and Obamacare PR woman, went on The Daily Show with John Stewart a couple days ago and claimed that the website (the Obamacare health exchanges) had some initial glitches, but was much better than the unmitigated disaster it was when it rolled out a week earlier. Sebelius also claimed she didn't know how many people had signed up via the health exchanges, which I found difficult to believe, but said 100,000 accounts had been set up. When Sebelius said she didn't know how many had signed up, that most likely meant she didn't want to admit how few were able to sign up. I have become fluent in Obama-Speak.

Confident that Obamanation would NEVER lie to the American people (sarcasm intended), I decided to do my mandated duty as a royal subject and sign up for Obamacare. Off I went into the brave new world of health exchanges...

One frustrating hour later, after numerous 'please waits' and error messages, an online Obamacare chat advisor told me it was completely hopeless, that I should give up until the health exchange software actually worked, which it does not. It seems like the health exchange software itself, or Sebelius, or Obama, or someone, should have made this fact known to the public up front to prevent a lot of people from wasting a lot of time. The chat advisor had no estimate as to when the health exchanges would be running correctly. I was able to establish a userid and password (an account), but that's as far as I could get. I wasn't able to review my health insurance options, or the actual costs of health insurance under Obamacare. Laughably, directs you to an outside website run by Kaiser for Obamacare cost estimates. I only wish I was kidding.

Thanks, Sebelius. At this point, I'm wondering if Obamanation tells us the truth about anything. Doesn't seem like it. As the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh said recently, the Obama administration lies systematically, and the pathetic media covers for his lies. Tell me something I don't already know, Seymour.

Today, I discovered that the software has cost over $634 million to date. This represents a MINOR cost overrun from the initial estimate of $93.7 million. Welcome to the wonderful world of bureaucratic government waste, kids.  But not to worry. The bureaucrats aren't wasting their own money. They are wasting your money, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, and they act like you have an endless supply (which is why Obamanation won't negotiate on the debt limit ceiling/government shutdown. They don't think there's anything to negotiate about, despite the almost $800 billion FY2013 deficit and the $17 trillion national debt. Obamanation is just honest and responsible like that).

Digital Trends asked the six hundred and thirty four million dollar question:

Government has a long history of spending money unnecessarily [there's the understatement of the year]. But in an age when the U.S is home to the world’s largest, most successful Internet companies, how is it possible that we can’t even manage to build a functional website without blowing through hundreds of millions of dollars?

Now if only we could get someone from the pathetic media to ask this question of a top Obamanation official. I'd love to hear the explanation (my bet is on "it's Bush's fault"), but I won't hold my breath.

When the code failed under stress, Obamanation claimed it DIDN'T KNOW THERE WOULD BE SO MUCH DARNED SITE TRAFFIC !!! Excuse me, but, WHAT !?!?!? With 48 million Americans lacking health insurance, combined with an Obamacare individual mandate to purchase it or be fined, the whizbangs at Obamanation couldn't connect those dots and foresee that there would be a TON of site demand ? Of course they could. This is just another one of those systematic lies Mr. Hersh was talking about. Obamanation has been lying for so long, and about so much, that I doubt if it even knows what the truth is anymore.

Welcome to another day...of Obamanation.



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