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Helping The Little Guy ?

By Da King Published: May 20, 2009

The Democratic party represents the little guy. Republicans only care about the rich.

I've been hearing this my entire life. I even believed it when I was very young, before I knew any better.

Let's examine how Barack Obama is helping the little guy.

- One of his first acts as President was to raise the tax on cigarettes by 61 cents per pack. It is common knowledge that the little guy smokes the most.

- The CAFE standards Obama is increasing are estimated to cost the little guy at least $1,300 more to buy a car, and will also result in lighter vehicles and more highway deaths. Happy motoring, little guy.

- The credit card reforms Obama is implementing are going to change the credit card business, resulting in higher user fees for ALL credit card users, including the little guy. Other little guys won't be able to get credit cards at all, because the requirements will be more strict.

- Obama's cap and trade energy policies are estimated to cost the little guy between $560-$1,800 (2003 CBO estimate, other estimates of the cost are well over $3,000) each year, and will result in millions of job losses.

- Obama's health care plan is estimated to cost taxpayers $1.5 trillion over ten years. There are plans to count the employer's contribution to health care insurance as taxable income for the employee. This is what is commonly known as a tax increase for the little guy. The Dems are also proposing tax increases on liquor, food items, and other things to pay for it's health care plan. The little guy takes it on the chin again.

- Obama is running a $1.8 trillion deficit this year, another trillion+ deficit next year, and he has projected deficits above $500 billion for the next ten years in a row. Obama is projected to double the national debt in four years, and triple it in eight years. If you think none of this will affect the little guy, take a look at what's happening right now in California. Cali has the highest income tax rates in the nation, and is trying to raise taxes even higher. People are fleeing California and other high tax progressive states. What a surprise.

- Speaking of California, that state wants some TARP bailout money. No doubt they will be "too big to fail," and Obama will take money from the responsible states to bail out the California dreamers and other progressive states as well. The highest tax and spend progressive states are the ones doing the worst. Evidently, no little guys live in those states.

- Obama plans to forgive GM's $15.4 billion in loans from the American taxpayer. Take that, little guy (or instead of "little guy," maybe I should refer to the American taxpayer as what the government really thinks of him/her - "nobody").

- Obama has cut $3.3 billion from the AIDS prevention program that Bush promised, which is estimated to result in the deaths of millions more little guys in Africa and around the world.

- Obama's much ballyhooed and meager tax cuts for 95% of Americans ($400-$800 annually) expire in 2010. Sorry, little guys. Can't you take a joke ?

Let's summarize. The Democrats, led by President Obama, are going to jack up the cost of health care, energy, cars, cigarettes, liquor, and food. They are vastly increasing federal spending and raising taxes - all to "help" the little guy, of course. Plus, they are going to deficit spend the country into massive debt that must be paid by future generations of little guys.

And have I mentioned that the government stole the Social Security Trust Fund, leaving nothing but a file cabinet of IOU's for future taxpayers to pay off ??? I'm pretty sure I've brought that up a time or two. Another stick in the eye of the little guy.

Now you know why Ronald Reagan said the scariest words in the English language were "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."

Please, Democrats, STOP helping me, before I have nothing left.

The most stupefying thing of all is, the Democrats are proposing all this during the worst recession since the 1930's. Even the constraints of reality don't get in their way.



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