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Here It Comes Again

By Da King Published: June 29, 2011

Presidential campaign season is here, which means the mainstream media will begin actively campaigning for the Democrats, as usual. One of the ways the media does this is by asking Democratic candidates policy questions on current issues, and then turning around and playing Trivial Pursuit with Republican candidates, asking them history and science questions in the hope they will give a wrong answer. The purpose of this media game of GOP Jeopardy is to make Republican candidates look stupid. In the case of Michelle Bachmann (R-WI), it looks like it will work. Here's Bachmann being interviewed by ABC's George Stephanopoulos:

Stephanopoulos: ...You said that the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery.

Bachmann: Well if you look at one of our Founding Fathers, John Quincy Adams, that’s absolutely true. He was a very young boy when he was with his father serving essentially as his father’s secretary. He tirelessly worked throughout his life to make sure that we did in fact one day eradicate slavery….

Stephanopoulos: He wasn’t one of the Founding Fathers – he was a president, he was a Secretary of State, he was a member of Congress, you’re right he did work to end slavery decades later. But so you are standing by this comment that the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery?

Buzzz ! Sorry, candidate Bachmann, but John Quincy Adams was not one of the Founding Fathers. His daddy, John Adams, was one. Thanks for playing our game, and please accept this consolation prize, a $50 gift certificate to Olive Garden. Now, on to our next contestant, GOP candidate Rick Santorum. Mr. Santorum, do you believe everything in the Bible is literally true ? Was Jonas really swallowed by that whale ? Is the earth only 6,000 years old ?...Please stay tuned, in our next segment we'll be asking President Obama if he feels the Republicans are hindering economic recovery !

And so it goes.

What will be lost in this media game of Trip Up The Republican is the fact that Bachmann was right on the larger question - many of the Founding Fathers did want to end slavery. Even the ones who owned slaves, like Thomas Jefferson, spoke about ending it, but it was far easier said than done, as the Civil War attests. It took the deaths of 600,000-700,000 men to finally end it 87 years after our founding as a country.

But all we'll hear about from the media is how dumb that b*tch Bachmann is. Nobody will say how dumb Stephanopolos is for not knowing many of our Founders wanted to end slavery.

Even when Bachmann says something boilerplate, it raises hackles with some folks. Media jackal Chris Matthews of MSLSD did his crazy dance when Bachmann made a statement about returning to our founding principles of limited constitutional government:

After playing a clip of Michele Bachmann longing for a return to the "Founders' vision of a constitutionally conservative government," MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Monday assumed the Republican presidential candidate meant "slavery."

The Hardball anchor offered bizarre analogies, questioning former RNC Chair Michael Steele on Bachmann's 2012 campaign: "What is this, Michael? The Protestant Reformation? That somehow we're going back to the purity of the original Christian church?"

Immediately jumping to the worst interpretation, Matthews continued, "We're going back to the original perfection of slaveholders and how perfect they were and government is the enemy. She speaks pure Tea Party lingo."

After Steele asserted that Bachmann was simply "reminding us of foundational principles," the liberal anchor smeared, "What? Slavery?"

What kind of pinhead thinks returning to our constitutional principles means slavery, or the Protestant Reformation (which started in 1517, btw) ????? A pinhead like Chris Matthews, that's who. Now you know why I call that channel MSLSD. This is the kind of hallucinogenic trash they serve up all night, every night. That channel is almost unwatchable, though I do watch it, because I feel I must keep abreast of all things political. See how I suffer for you, readers ? :-)

Even our better media people get sucked in to the media's bias vortex, such as when Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday asked Bachmann if she was a "flake" (he only asked because the rest of the media keeps saying Bachmann's a flake. The media creates it's own wind). Wallace is known for asking everyone tough questions, which I admire, but that one was insulting. Wallace, to his credit, apologized, unlike the jackal Matthews, who keeps calling Bachmann all manner of insulting names, most recently "balloon head". Is this really what things have come to in this country ? This is how alleged professional journalists talk about presidential candidates now ? How sad.

I'm sure the MSLSD'ers will be getting a big laugh today over the fact that Bachmann said John Wayne was born in Waterloo, Iowa, when in fact his family only lived in Waterloo. He was born in a different town in Iowa. But John Wayne Gacy was born in Madison, so that dumb b*tch Bachmann probably got the two confused !!! That's the ticket !!! Let's keep making it up as we go along !!! We're PROFESSIONALS here at MSLSD !!! Aaaaaarrghhh !!!

But when President Obama said a few days ago that he awarded a Medal Of Honor to a living soldier, when in fact that soldier died in 2006 and the medal was awarded posthumously, the media somehow doesn't notice, and nobody in any of these "57 states" thinks Obama is a dumb b*tch, not even the people who speak "Austrian".

And what is Bachmann's position on, say, marginal tax rates or free trade policies ??? I doubt anyone in our mainstream media would even think to ask, but be sure to tune in tonight, when NBC asks Mitt Romney for the hundredth time if he's a member of a cult. It's must-see-tee-vee.



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