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Hillary Bless Us Every One

By Da King Published: December 22, 2007


Hillary Clinton loves us, and she is going to take care of us. All us ignorant wretches out here in the sticks just have to be smart enough to make her the president. Thank goodness. Our problems are nearly over.

In a holiday television campaign ad, found here on YouTube, Hillary is seen wrapping her Christmas presents for America (but, of course, the word "Christmas" is never used and no Christian symbols are seen. We must be politically correct. Wouldn't want to offend an atheist or a Wiccan). These holiday "gifts" are marked "Universal Health Care", "Universal Pre-K", "Middle Class Tax Cuts", "Alternative Energy", and "Bring Troops Home". These are the things that the Great And Powerful Clinton is going to "give" to America. Isn't that just wonderful ? Elect Hillary and all this will be yours, America. I'm getting a little misty just thinking about the beneficence of our Once And Future Queen, aren't you ?

The great thing about gifts is that you don't have to pay for them. They are free. Somebody else pays, but you don't have to worry about that, right ? Hillary certainly doesn't want you to worry about that, because not only is she going to "give" you things like Universal Health Care and Universal Pre-School, she's also going to "give" you a tax cut at the same time ! Wow. This is one smart fem-bot, this Clinton 2.0. Evidently, Hillary's enormous new government programs won't cost anything at all. Very impressive. Dare I say miraculous ? She must be some kind of sorceress or something.

Now, in compliance with the Truth In Pandering Act (that should exist, but unfortunately doesn't), it must be pointed out that Hillary isn't a sorceress or a witch (insert own joke here). It must be pointed out that Hillary's enormous new government programs would cost hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars, and somebody does have to pay for them. In the world of liberal Democrats, the payers are always the same: the evil rich and the evil corporations. These two entities, who are actually viewed as one and the same by the Hillary Clintons of the world, are the bottomless well that is always tapped to pay for anything and everything that liberals can dream up to "help" us. What is never supposed to be mentioned is who REALLY pays when business and the wealthy are hit with regressive levels of taxation: ALL OF US. Whether it's through higher prices, lower wages, or fewer jobs, we all pay for those so-called painless "gifts" from the government. In the liberal system of class warfare justice, you are supposed to work hard to achieve the american dream, and once you do become successful, the government takes everything away from you, so everyone will be "equal". How liberals think that will motivate people to achieve anything is unexplained. How liberals do not see that as theft is also unexplained. If equality of outcome can be achieved by sitting at home on your couch, a whole lot more people are going to choose the path of least resistance, the path that requires no effort. An inevitable decaying of society is the result of such socialist thinking. I don't know how many times socialism must fail before liberals realize how flawed the concept is, but I know they haven't realized it yet. They still think that socialism just hasn't been done right yet, even though socialism has a 150 year record of failure and repression. Liberals must call themselves "progressives" because they have to move forward to try to escape the past.

The other aspect of these "universal" government programs is that they remove your freedom of choice. In the private sector, there is a choice of health insurance programs. There is a choice of day-care centers. Well, there WOULD be a real choice of health insurance programs, except the government has already taken control of half the health care industry and has mandated so much to the insurance companies and employers that real choice is already a fantasy. You can't really pick the health insurance coverage you want, because the government has made the decisions for you already. That's one of the reasons why the cost of health insurance is astronomical, all the mandated coverage. Naturally, the liberal solution to government fouling up the health care industry is for government to take over the whole health care industry (and thereby foul it up the rest of the way).

And in Hillary's current half step toward socialized medicine, when she says she's going to "give" you "Universal Health Care", she means she's going to force you to buy health care insurance, even if you don't want to. Some present. That's like your best friend buying you a new Lexus for Christmas. The only catch is that YOU have to make the car payments. Thanks for nothing, buddy.

So Hillary, thanks for all your good intentions, but please don't give me anything for Christmas this year, or any year.

I can't afford it.



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