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How Much Will Your Reform Health Insurance Cost ?

By Da King Published: October 4, 2009

I've been waiting a long time for some hard numbers to come out on health care reform. We finally have at least some ballpark estimates on what individual health insurance policies will cost under the various reform packages floating around Congress, courtesy of Kaiser. Find some numbers at the following link.

Health Reform Subsidy Calculator

Health care reform comes down to two things -

1) You will be forced to purchase health insurance.
2) The government will subsidize health insurance for many, on a sliding scale, according to your income.

The subsidies are basically welfare, entitlements. Welfare comes from taxes. Congress is still discussing where the taxes are going to come from, while President Obama pretends there won't be any tax increases. Obama wants to cut Medicare to offset some of the costs, and pretends that health care efficiences will pay for reform, but c'mon now, we're adults, we all know that's not true. You will also see at the above link that health care reform will dramatically increase Medicaid, which are costs to the states.

Note - Deductibles and copays are not included in the health insurance costs at the above link.

I'll refrain from further comment, for now. I'd rather hear your comments.



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