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How Ron Paul Won And Lost The Virgin Islands Caucus

By Da King Published: March 15, 2012

As the mainstream media reported, Mitt Romney won the Virgin Islands Republican caucus:

Chairman Herb Schoenbohm says Romney can count on seven delegates from the Virgin Islands. He already had three superdelegates before Saturday's caucuses and he picked up three more in voting in St. Thomas and St. Croix. After the vote, an uncommitted delegate switched to Romney.

Ron Paul got one delegate, and one delegate remains uncommitted.

What the media didn't bother to tell you was, Ron Paul won the Virgin Islands popular vote, receiving 29% of the vote to Romney's 26%.

How did Romney receive almost all the delegates when Paul won the vote ?

Simple. The popular vote doesn't count:

The Virgin Islands doesn't portion out delegates by popular vote. Voters literally elect delegates -- the six with the most support get to go to Tampa. So April Newland, John Clendenin, Luis Martinez, all Romney supporters, made it into the top bracket. Warren Bruce Cole, an uncommitted delegate, won then backed Romney. Only one Paul delegate, Robert Max Schanfarber, made the six.

So, the voters vote, and then the delegates pick whomever they wish, regardless of the outcome of the vote...and Romney gets seven delegates to Paul's one, even though Paul won the election.

Ah, can't you just smell the democracy ?



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