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I Can't Stop This Feeling, Deep Inside Of Me

By Da King Published: August 2, 2009

January 11, 2032.

6:00am - The alarm in my microchip brain implant goes off, awakening me to the tune of the new Pan American national anthem, Yes We Can. The song is a reworking of an old hit from the 1960's, Hooked On A Feeling, by B. J. Thomas. As I open the lid of my GE Sleep Maximization Bed, the last of the bed's nighttime submlinal messaging echos through my mind - "Service, Acceptance, Duty..." I arise and make myself a cup of Government approved tea, an organic Ginseng-Noni blend. "This is putrid," I think to myself. The brain chip delivers a mild electrical shock for my IT (Inconvenient Thought).

6:20am - The 84" GE Television/Scanner that dominates an entire wall of my one room apartment here at the Social Security Serenity Complex switches on automatically. The super fit looking Exercise Czar, who is the favored Pan American blend of 1/3rd Caucasian, 1/3rd African American, and 1/3rd Mexican heritage, instructs me to do 25 jumping jacks, 50 situps, and 20 push ups. This time, the IT escapes my lips. "I'm 78 years old, you flippin' Nazi. I don't feel like exercising today." The Television/Scanner instructs me to stand 12 inches in front of it for an auto-health checkup scan. I comply. Following the checkup, a pleasant female voice informs me, "Patient 212-54-3268, you have signs of potential prostate cancer. Please report to Room 4209 of the Serenity Complex at 9:15am on June 15th, 2032 for further examination. At this time, resume your exercise program. A healthy body is a happy body. Thank you for your cooperation. Have a nice day."

"June 15th is over 5 months from now," I yell at the Television/Scanner. "I could be dead by then, you moron." The implant chip delivers another mild electric shock, a dose of Tranquilinium is released into my body, and the implant chip begins softly playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata inside my head. The Television/Scanner informs me that because I'm close to the mandatory termination age of 80, my cancer concern is only a Department of Health Priority Level 4, thus the wait.

7:00am - The Television/Scanner announces that my breakfast has arrived. I walk to the Meal Delivery Chute to find the Government approved organic juice and oatmeal, along with a Proto-powder drink to supply my daily essential vitamins and minerals. The drink tastes like a mixture of chalk and decaying leaves. I long for the days when I had actual money I could use to buy my own food, like bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, and buttered toast (ah!), but I try hard to suppress the thought. I don't need any more shocks. Old folks like me are often classified as RRI (Reconditioning Resistant Individuals) by the Deparment of Internal Affairs. We lived so many years in the old USA that we are difficult to rehabilitate.

8:00am - President For Life Obama appears on the Television/Scanner to deliver his daily inspirational message. The President is flanked on his left by the Vice President, Michelle Obama. Sitting behind him are the National Legislative Overseer, Malia Obama, and the National Judicial Overseer, Sasha Obama. During the Great Awakening of 2016, it was found that one or a few persons could decide matters of national importance much more effectively than many (known as the old Tower Of Babel way), so Congress and the Supreme Court were eliminated in order to produce a more cost-efficient and responsive government for the citizenry. That's when the National Overseers appointed Obama President For Life, to avoid what they called a "discontinuity of planned government services." I guess it makes sense. My GE Sleep Maximization Bed certainly thinks so. Back when we had political parties and elections, the government was changing every 2-4 years, and we had to start things all over from scratch. This way, we don't have to worry about that. The Tower of Babel has been silenced, and now the government can do what's good for us, in perpetuity and without resistance. How can that not be good ? Still, I frequently miss the ability to choose what I want to do, when I want to do it. We used to call that "liberty." Owww! That shock was a big one. The Television/Scanner has ordered me to sing the National Anthem. Aw, crap. Owww ! Alright, already !

"I-I-I-I-I, I'm hooked on a feelin',
High on believin',
That's your in love with me,
Pan America, Yes We Cannnnn !"



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