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Illegal Immigration And Bizarre Leftist Propaganda

By Da King Published: May 22, 2010

This is a followup to my previous post.

I nearly fell off my chair when I read that the Castro brothers, who lead Communist Cuba, directed their puppet parliament to condemn the Arizona immigration law. Cuba passed a resolution calling the law "racist and xenophic," and said it was "a brutal violation of human rights."

Wow. I'm not quite sure how to process propaganda as dishonest and hypocritical as this. I suppose the best spin I can put on the Cuban resolution is to say...if anybody knows about brutal human rights violations, Cuba would. Their entire government is based upon violations of human rights. To illustrate this, I'll cite an article by KTAR.COM:

Several U.S. cities including Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego and Austin, Texas, have passed resolutions against the law or urged outright boycotts, and President Barack Obama has denounced it as "a misdirected expression of frustration." [But the denunciation of the law by Cuban lawmakers, who called it a "brutal violation of human rights," is sure to raise anger among U.S. backers of the law. The tightly controlled, communist-run island has long been criticized for its human rights record, which includes the jailing of 200 political prisoners, the banning of a free press and the outlawing of opposition political parties. Cuban citizens are required to carry identification with them wherever they go, and can be stopped by police and sent home if they are found in a part of the island where they don't belong.

Being lectured by Cuba on human rights is lectured by Cuba on human rights. It's absurdity to the nth degree.

Now I'd like to examine President Obama's statement about the Arizona law being "a misdirected expression of frustration." Obama is right about Arizona's frustration. He just didn't bother to explain WHY Arizona is frustrated. The main reason they are frustrated is due to the inactivity of the federal government in enforcing our borders, which is the job of the federal government. The leader of our federal government is....drumroll, please....BARACK OBAMA. Ergo, the proper direction of Arizona's "misdirected..frustration" is toward OBAMA. The governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, just wants Obama to step up and DO HIS JOB. In an interview with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News, Governor Brewer said the following:

VAN SUSTEREN: Has the president or anyone who works for him called up and said, hey, governor what do you need? Do you need help? Is there anything we can do for you?

BREWER: They haven't, Greta. It is really frustrating. We are on the battlefield getting the impact of all this illegal immigration and all the crime that comes with it.

No one -- I have repeatedly sent letters to the administration and to the president of the United States with absolutely no response. I'm hopeful when I'm in Washington, D.C. in about a week I will be able to at least touch base with the secretary of Homeland Security and the president of the United States.

We need help. They need to do their job. They need to step up and secure our borders!

VAN SUSTEREN: Do all your letters go into a black hole? You get absolutely no response from the federal government at all?

BREWER: Absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing. You know, I would think at this point in time, I that I most people in America would agree, with all the discussion and all the misleading statements that are being made, that we would have heard in some avenue at least to contact me at least my Homeland Security people here in the state of Arizona.

Zip, nothing. We are too busy talking about it and saying mischaracterizations about what the bill actually does. We need help. We want our borders secured.

VAN SUSTEREN: I'm a little surprised -- go ahead.

BREWER: And we want this illegal immigration -- we are a nation of laws. I can't understand for the life of me when 70 percent of the American public agrees with Arizona that no one is taking any action, no one is calling us, no one is corresponding with us. It's very, very frustrating. We have the right in Arizona, as does everyone else in our country, to feel safe, and we cannot afford the expense that is the federal government's responsibility.

VAN SUSTEREN: I'm a little surprised that you don't get more attention, not only because the statute sent up a red flare into the sky, but also because the secretary of Homeland Security sat in your seat. She was Governor Napolitano of Arizona before she became secretary of Homeland Security. Have you had no conversation with her?

BREWER: None, nil. However, we did go back in the records and gather all the letters and requests of her communications when she was governor in regards to this issue. I thought we might be able to glean something from that or present them to her so they would have her memory refreshed as to what is taking place here with illegal drug smuggling and illegal immigration and the drop houses and the terror which our citizens live in day in and day out you along the border.

VAN SUSTEREN: Were her letters like --

BREWER: You know Greta -- pardon?


BREWER: I said, we are just fed up we can't withstand any more. It is unfair, un-responsible. We have borders for a reason. A nation without borders is like a house without walls -- it collapses. And that is what is going to happen to our wonderful America.

And we can start the turnaround here in Arizona. That's what we intend to do. We are not going to stop. We need help, Mr. President.

VAN SUSTEREN: Are the letters that you have looked out from then Governor Napolitano, now Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano, are her letters essentially like your letters? Did she face the same problems? Did she make the same requests? Did she say Arizona has the same problems you are saying Arizona has?

BREWER: Absolutely. We need our borders secure. We need our money from the federal government for the incarceration of the illegal immigrants that we have in our jails and in our prisons. She repeated it over and over. She sent a big blown up check of what they owed us.
So she knows. She understands. For her to say she hadn't even read the bill that I signed because she already had it on her desk is unconscionable. The bill is the same bill she had before her. We cleaned up the legislation. We made it so it would be constitutional. She and everybody else that is out there reminding the public exactly what that bill does and they don't understand the bill, they haven't even read the bill. It is frustrating. It is frustrating.

VAN SUSTEREN: What is your theory on why Secretary Napolitano isn't more cheerleading the issues or responding more because of the relationship?

BREWER: You know, I have asked myself on numerous occasions since I've been here and have been dealing with this border security issue, what is the motive? Why are they not enforcing the law? Why aren't they responding to us? They understand the problems. They get the same information that I get with the crime that has taken place on our land here and throughout America. We are the gateway. I don't know. What is their motive? It's just absolutely nothing. They stepped up, they helped Texas. They helped California. And here we sit, the drug corridor of the world.

THAT is the problem Arizona faces, as they are completely ignored by those in the upper echelons of power. The anger here should not be directed at Arizona. It should be directed at Washington D.C. for not doing their job.

And speaking of not doing their job, the head of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, John Morton, said he might not process illegal immigrants sent to ICE by Arizona. If Morton sticks to this outrageous dereliction of duty, he should be fired. On ICE's website, the duties of ICE are described like this: “Formed in 2003 as part of the federal government’s response to the 9/11 attacks, ICE’s mission is to protect the security of the American people and homeland by vigilantly enforcing the nation’s immigration and customs laws.

The 9/11 Commission emphasized that border security was critical in protecting the American people, and now we have the head of ICE saying he might choose NOT to do his job. I cannot freaking believe it.

What kind of mental derangement has infected so many of this country's leaders ? And how do we cure it before it spreads even further ? Up is literally becoming down. Something is seriously amiss.



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