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In Spite Of Them

By Da King Published: October 30, 2007


Back in April of this year, United States super-patriot and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-alQ) said this about the Iraq war and the 'surge' plan: "I believe ... that this war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything, as is shown by the extreme violence in Iraq this week". Even more impressive than Harry's proclamation was the fact that he made it before the surge was even in place. Maybe he consulted Miss Cleo for the info, or maybe the DNC, Crystal Ball Division. I'm not sure, but the man sure has some impressive psychic powers. Other than being totally wrong, Reid was totally right.

Buoyed by Hangdog Harry's uplifting pro-american can-do spirit and leadership, our troops proceeded forward with the surge under the command of general David Petraeus (real american), who made a report back to Congress in September on the progress of the surge. At that time, Petraeus reported that some progress had been made in Iraq, which prompted flagwaver Hillary 'Betsy Ross' Clinton (D-PLO) to declare that Petraeus' testimony required "the willing suspension of disbelief". You'll have to excuse me for a moment, because I get all choked up when Hillary starts displaying her unwavering support for our troops like that........she'

Now, near the end of october, Iraqi government forces have taken over security control of another Iraqi province from the americans, attacks are decreasing, the death toll is dropping, increasing numbers of Iraqis are turning in terrorists, and Al Sadr has called for a cease-fire against US forces. Bin Laden even came out from under his rock to release a tape urging his forces to remain united, which he wouldn't have had to do unless they were in disarray. Judging from the silence, it seems the US mainstream media is unaware of most of this. The ony thing that gets their attention is body parts flying off in the wake of a bombing by some terrorist scumbag.

I don't want to be too overly optimistic here, but things have been going so well in Iraq recently that I expect some uber-patriot from the Democratic party to call for a full and immediate surrender any day now. I mean, holy crap, we could actually win this war, and that would just be devastating for our gung-ho, red-blooded, totally non-treasonous, yankee doodle Democrats.

And that would be a darned shame, wouldn't it ?

I mean, the Dems are SO committed to the position that the Iraq war cannot be won, that it would probably take like a whole week for them to come up with a new cover story, costing them otherwise valuable Bush-bashing time. Could John Kerry (D-VC) be 'for the war before he was against the war before he was for the war' ? Of course he COULD, he's a politician after all, but I think he'd need some serious historical reinvention assistance from the NY Times and the rest of the mind-meld media. Can you picture Nancy Pelosi (D-Syr) with her plastic rictus of a smile painted on as she welcomes our victorious soldier heroes home, shakes their hands, and says 'we knew you could do it !' ??? My god, what a train wreck that would be. Pelosi's head could actually explode right on the spot, I'm serious. There has to be SOME physical tolerance limit for BS, even for a liberal pol from San Fran.

So, in order to save our very patriotic and earnest friends across the aisle from a world of embarassment, there is only one solution: OUR SOLDIERS HAVE TO STOP TRYING TO WIN THIS WAR, STAT. That's a direct order from Congress.

It's the only politically correct option the Democrats have left.



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