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Modeling Failure

By Da King Published: September 29, 2010

"I'm not afraid to say European socialism works." - comedian Bill Maher

I apologize for quoting someone as trivial as Bill Maher, but his view that European socialism works is one I hear all the time from those on the political left. They seem to actually believe it. They point to things like Great Brittain's nationalized healthcare system as proof. They cite reports from other left-wing outfits that say the Scandinavian countries are the best places to live.

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Obama Administration Chews Off Own Foot

By Da King Published: September 29, 2010

With the chances of the Democrats looking rather bleak come november, the Obama administration went on the attack. They attacked Republicans, Fox News, the Tea Party movement, the ignorant voters, etc...all to no avail. The chances of the Democrats still look bleak.

What's an administration to do ?

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Back To The Circus

By Da King Published: September 27, 2010

I took a break from the internet, newspapers, teevee shows, etc., for several days. Sometimes I just have to get away from all the political noise, especially when that noise gets cranked up to it's highest decibel levels just before election time. That's when my bs detector starts going off so often that I simply must take the batteries out for awhile. For instance, I know Ohio's Democratic Governor Strickland wants me to be outraged that his competitor, Republican John Kasich, worked for Lehman Brothers, but I don't find that particularly outrageous. I'm more inclined to think, "good for Kasich, he found a job." Conversely, I'm not so outraged that Ohio lost 400,000 jobs on Strickland's watch, as Kasich's political ads inform us. I'm more inclined to think "yes, there's been a recession. It caused job losses all over the country. Why would Ohio be immune ?" I don't think it says all that much about Strickland's abilities, or the lack thereof. If Ohio hadn't lost any jobs under Strickland during the recession, now THAT would have been worth looking into.

Yesterday, I started reading up on the political events of the past week, and I must say, the circus was definitely in town while I was away. A Democratic Congresswoman, Zoe Lofgren, actually thought it would be a GOOD idea to have Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert testify before Congress in character as his comedic tv persona, a liberal's caricature of an ignorant GOP bigot. At least one Democrat, John Conyers, knew what a clusterfark it would be, and asked Colbert to leave. Good for Conyers. Congress may indeed be a joke these days (it certainly is after Colbert's testimony), but it's business is serious. Colbert testified about migrant workers, after becoming an "expert" by spending ONE DAY with migrant workers filming a segment for his comedy show (I only wish I was kidding about this). Colbert's testimony was actually painful to watch. It was embarrassing and made a mockery of Congress. Maybe next we can have the guy who plays Harry Potter in the movies testify before Congress about our educational system. After all, Potter went to an illustrious school, Hogwarts. Sure, the school is fictitious, but so is Colbert's expertise on migrant workers, and that didn't deter him. I'm fairly certain that Congresswoman Lofgren thought Colbert's comedic caricature of a mean old Republican would elevate the status of the hearing and make Republicans look silly at the same time, but boy did her plan backfire. It blew up in her face. The people who looked the silliest, besides Colbert of course, were Lofgren and her fellow Democrats. Swing and a miss, Dems.

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Bubba Backs Tea Parties....And Then Doesn't

By Da King Published: September 21, 2010

With Democrats knowing the presence of President Obama on the campaign trail is a negative for them, they've trotted out a Democrat who has some economic bonafides, former President Bill Clinton. Under Clinton's leadership, along with his Republican-led Congress, this country made some strides towards balancing the federal budget. Since Clinton's presidency, the country has pursued fiscal irresponsiblity like a shopaholic with a dozen no-limit platinum cards. The worst President of all in this regard has been Obama, who has run up unprecedented levels of debt.

Bubba is the first Democrat I've heard who recognizes the value of the Tea Party movement. From Politico:

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Will The Government Nationalize Your Retirement Funds ?

By Da King Published: September 18, 2010

It's no secret that Obama Hood and his band of merry liberals want to redistribute wealth and centralize power in this country (but don't call them socalists !). They don't trust the American people to handle their own money properly. They view the American people as too ignorant to be trusted with much of anything, and besides, in Liberal La La Land, your wages really belong to the government in the first place. That's why liberals refer to things like tax cuts as "government spending." Liberals say things like "why should the government spend $700 billion on tax cuts for the wealthy ?," as if a person's wages belong to Obama and company instead of to the person who earned those wages. And never mind that the wealthy already pay the highest taxes in the country by far. If you point that out to liberals, they will start reminiscing fondly about the "good old days," when the highest marginal tax rate was over 90% here in the land of the free-up-to-a-point-to-be-determined-by-liberal-wealth-confiscaters. In true Orwellian fashion, liberals call such discriminatory theft "fairness."

But stealing more money from the wealthy will only take liberals so far. After all, reversing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy is only expected to bring in about $70 billion per year in additional government revenue, hardly enough to close the $1.3 trillion annual deficit. It's a drop in the bucket. Liberals need to find a really huge pile of money to steal in order to continue

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Desperate Tax Measures

By Da King Published: September 16, 2010

Democrats are desperate to find issues to run on in the midterm elections. They know these elections will be all about the economy. They know America believes the Democrats have made the economy decidedly worse, and America thinks Obama's economic policies are sheer lunacy. Democrats can't run on ObamaCare, because America overwhelmingly rejects that as well. Democrats don't even talk about ObamaCare on the campaign trail, even though they hailed it as their crowing achievement a few short months ago, which the Dems termed a victory a hundred years in the making. You'd think they'd have the strength of their own convictions, but instead they run from ObamaCare like the plague.

The usual liberal tactics, which consist of calling people who disagree with them bigots, is not working this time. Liberals have trotted out this firewall argument repeatedly, accusing their opponents of being homophobic, Islamophobic, Latinophobic, and racist against blacks. The electorate remains unimpressed.

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Battle Of The Religious Nutballs - Part Two

By Da King Published: September 13, 2010

Pictured above are a "handful" of Muslims in Pakistan calling for the murder of a Danish cartoonist who drew a cartoon containing Mohammed's picture. That is punishable by death in IslamoCrazyTown. Westegard was the one who drew the cartoon with the picture of Mohammed with a bomb in his turban. In response, IslamoCrazyTown thugs went on a rampage of violence (thus reinforcing Westegard's point).
We have learned that FBI officials visited the wannabe Koran-burner, Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center. The FBI warned Jones, according to NPR:

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The Standup Comedy Of Barack Obama

By Da King Published: September 11, 2010

Good evening, ladies and germs. Welcome to the Parma Laugh Factory. Our first comedian tonight will be none other then the President Of the United States, Barack "Shecky" Obama, live right here in Cleveland, Ohio. Without further ado, heeeeer'es Barry !!!:

Obama: "I ran for President because for much of the last decade, a very specific governing philosophy had reigned about how America should work: Cut taxes, especially for millionaires and billionaires."

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Battle Of The Religious Nutballs

By Da King Published: September 10, 2010

Pastor Terry Jones runs a church in Florida called the Dove World Outreach Center. That's a nice-sounding name. A dove stands for peace, and we're all for world outreach. It's groovy, man. Let's join hands and sing "We Are The World."

Unfortunately, Pastor Jones idea of peaceful world outreach takes the form of a good, old-fashioned book-burnin'. He got lots of publicitiy over his collosally stupid plans to burn a stack of Korans in a kind of unholy bonfire against Islam (attendees must bring their own weenies and marshmallows).

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Hillary On The National Debt

By Da King Published: September 9, 2010

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech to the Council On Foreign Relations wednesday. The entire speech is worth reading/watching, but after the speech, during Q&A, she was asked about our national debt. Following is her response:

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"They Talk About Me Like A Dog"

By Da King Published: September 8, 2010

Everday in the week I'm in a different city
If I stay too long people try to pull me down
They talk about me like a dog
Talkin' About the clothes I wear
But they don't realize
They're the ones who's square.

--- Lyrics to Stone Free by Jimi Hendrix

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By Da King Published: September 7, 2010

With the latest Washington Post/ABC poll of likely voters showing the GOP leading by 13 points on the generic Congressional ballot, expect a veritable blizzard of bullspit to come from Obama, the Democrats, and the mainstream media over the next two months leading up to the election.

It should be interesting. It will also be mostly...insane. Here's some sample insanity:

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The Man Behind The Curtain

By Da King Published: September 4, 2010

Certain of my readers might think I'm a right-wing zealot, or maybe they think I'm just a mean old greedy white guy. They don't understand why I'm against so many liberal ideas. After all, liberals are the benevolent ones who only want to help people, right ? I mean, who could be against benevolent beliefs such as.....these ?:

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What Al Gore Has Wrought

By Da King Published: September 2, 2010

A left-wing enviro-nut armed with a gun and metal canisters looking like bombs strapped to his chest entered the Discovery Channel headquarters outside Washington D.C. yesterday. The gunman, James J. Lee, took three hostages, and was eventually killed by the police. Fortunately, nobody else was hurt.

Lee was mad at the Discovery Channel because he felt Discovery wasn't featuring enough left-wing enviro-nut programming. He was a regular protester of Discovery, and following a 2008 arrest for disorderly conduct, Lee said he was "awakened" to his true enviro-nut calling after watching Al Gore's global warming scare film "An Inconvenient Truth," (which is filled with inaccuracies, btw).

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I Don't Believe In Atheists

By Da King Published: September 1, 2010

"I'm not an atheist and I don't think I can call myself a pantheist. We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangements of the books, but doesn't know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God." - Albert Einstein
Joke: One day, a zookeeper noticed the orangutan was reading two books, the Bible and On the Origin of Species. Surprised, he asked the orangutan why it was reading both books. "Well," said the orangutan (it was one of those fancy talking orangutans), "I just wanted to know if I was my brother's keeper or my keeper's brother".
Just as atheists don't believe in God, I don't believe in atheists. Atheism is the denial of God. There is no human on earth with the requisite knowledge to make such a sweeping declarative assesment, not even Obama (another joke). An atheist is like Einstein's child in the library saying he knows the books arrived there by some unexplainable and natural cosmic coincidence, as if the books, to use a loaded term, just evolved into existence. Even Darwin's book On The Origin Of Species doesn't actually tell us the, you know, origin of the species. Darwin couldn't explain how life began, because he didn't know. So we got speculation about primordial ooze instead. Btw, I heard primordial ooze was on sale this week at Walmart for $3.99 lb. You can pick some up and attempt to create life from it in your basement. Good luck.

I could understand atheists a lot better if they called themselves agnostics (people who aren't sure), but no, atheists are pretty darned certain about their arrogance. The same could be said about Christians, but at least Christians have a book, a historical record. There was a Jesus, whether you want to believe in him or not. What do atheists have, other than their own feeling of superiority ?

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