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Inner City Blues - Failing Schools

By Da King Published: October 22, 2007

failing schools

If you go to virtually any poverty-ridden inner city hellhole in america, you will find it is run by Democrats. If you go to virtually any inner city school board in america, you will find it is also run by Democrats, and has been for 50 years. Democrats pretty much have a stranglehold on our system of socialized public education. Teacher's unions are part of the Democratic base, and among the Dems largest campaign contributors. As a result of all this Democratic expertise, design, and control, we have inner city public schools where half the students don't graduate, and the half that do barely learn a damned thing. We have schools that are nothing more than day-care warehouses for the next generation of poor folk in america. It's a national disgrace, but Democrats try as hard as they can to maintain the status quo. They resist school vouchers, charter schools, and merit raises for teachers. They make it nearly impossible to remove bad teachers, they coddle bad students, they dumb down the curriculum, and there is precious little discipline. The Democrats keep calling for more money and more money for our schools, even though americans already pay more for education that any other country in the world. That money goes to the adults in our school system, to the unions and the bureaucracy, but it doesn't ever seem to improve the educational process for the students. Our national inner city public school system is an unqualified failure, and is just as responsible as the welfare state for keeping poor people poor. The next time you hear some fool talk in favor of socialized medicine, tell him to look at how socialized education has gone.

Since a large number of inner city folk are people of color, the tragic failures and wrongs of Democratic policy have fallen most heavily on them. Yet somehow, about 90% of black people continue to support the Democratic party. I wish I could explain this for you (propaganda, affirmative racism), but I really can't. The loyalty of minorities to the Democratic party is akin to Patty Hearst becoming a member of the extremist SLA group who kidnapped her. How in the hell can you be loyal to the people who implement the very systems that lead to your downfall ?

By any honest measure, private schools outperform public schools across the board. If anybody tells you differently, they aren't telling you the truth, they are presenting you with an agenda. Almost all the Democratic politicians who sing the false praises of public education send their own kids to private schools. They know the truth. They just think you are so stupid that you won't know.

There is an important vote coming up in Utah on school vouchers, and the largest teacher's union, the National Education Association (NEA) is waging a multi-million dollar campaign to get the Utah voters to reject school vouchers. Why ? Because school vouchers would allow families to get between $500 and $3,000 depending on income to send their kids to private schools, where the kids would have a chance at a better education. Why would the NEA be against children getting a better education ? Because the NEA's primary care isn't children's education, that's why. The NEA cares about the NEA and the NEA's members, and the Democrats genuflect in front of the NEA every chance they get. The NEA knows if they can win in Utah, a heavy Republican state, then they have a really good chance to

destroy children's education defeat school vouchers all across the country. This must be another example of Democrats being 'for the children'.



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