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Is Holder Lying To Obama ?

By David King Published: June 24, 2012

Now Attorney General Eric Holder appears to be lying to the President Of The United States. In a June 19, 2012 letter to President Obama requesting executive privilege in order to withhold post-February 4, 2011 DOJ documents from Operation Fast And Furious congressional investigators, Holder writes the following:

"Specifically, the Department has already shared with the Committee over 1300 pages of documents concerning the drafting of the February 4 Letter, in acknowledgement that the February 4 Letter contained inaccurate information…This substantial record shows that the inaccuracies in the February 4 Letter were the inadvertent product of the fact that, at the time they were preparing the letter, neither Department leaders nor the heads of relevant Department components on whom Department leaders reasonably relied for information knew the correct facts about the tactics used in Fast And Furious. Department leaders first learned that flawed tactics may have been used in Fast And Furious when public allegations about such tactics surfaced in early 2011, after such tactics had been discontinued."

There is a HUGE problem with Holder's verson of events here. Though Holder claims to have known nothing about Fast And Furious gun walking until after the February 4 letter (which is what Holder told Congress), we KNOW that Holder was informed by at least April 2010, according to memos sent to Holder and others. This is from the April 2010 memo to Holder:

Field DIvision with its investigation of Manuel Celis-Acost as part of OCDETF Operation Fast and Furious. This investigation, initiated in Spetember 2009…involves a Phoenix-based firearms trafficking ring headed by Manuel Celis-Acosta. Celis-Acost and [redacted] straw purchasers are responsible for the purchase of 1,500 firearms that were then supplied to Mexican drug trafficking cartels. They also have direct ties to the Sinaloa Cartel which is suspected of providing $1 million for the purchase of firearms in the greater Phoenix area.

There are other e-mails sent to DOJ officials from October 2010 showing they were also made aware of Fast And Furious gun walking.

But Holder told Obama just a few days ago that neither he nor his Department heads knew anything about Fast And Furious gun walking until after February 4, 2011. The memos prove this is untrue.

And if you want to know who Manuel Celis-Acosta was, he was the MAIN TARGET OF OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS.

Holder was informed of Fast And Furious long before he claims, and so was his Department Of Justice. Holder misled Congress, and now he's misleading the President.

And some people wonder why congressional investigators want more information, why they are on a so-called "fishing expedition" (accordiing to many Democrats). It shouldn't be hard to understand. Congress would be remiss in it's oversight duties if it wasn't looking for answers. As has been said recently, with the Watergate scandal, nobody died, and that coverup brought down a President.



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