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It's A Mystery

By Da King Published: March 15, 2012

From the Obama administration's sexist belief that women aren't capable of being responsible for their own sex lives (birth control), to the Obama administration's racist belief that minorities are too dumb to obtain id's (even when those id's are free), you'd think three-fourths of the country would be pissed off at the Obama administration by now.

Then when you add in the Obama administration's belief that adults are too stupid to figure out what constitutes healthy food, and are unable to feed their children properly, almost everyone should be offended.

Obama wants to tell you what kind of car you should drive, what kind of lightbulbs you should use, how big YOUR carbon footprint (but not his) should be, what kind of health insurance you must have, and what kind of education your children must have.

Obama even wants control over your children during their pre-school years, via his universal pre-school proposal.

Obama believes he has to sign anti-smoking laws, even though everyone in the country knows, and has known for a very long time, that smoking will kill you.

Obama believes you should have to pay dues to a labor union in order to get a job. He's actually against laws called 'right-to-work'.

Obama and his minions believed your gas prices should be higher until they discovered high gas prices were a political liability for Obama and his minions. Then and only then did they change their tune.

Obama wants to tell you what kind of energy you can use (solar and wind), and what kind of energy you can't use (oil, nuclear, coal).

Obama thinks he can send your sons and daughters to war without consulting the U.S. Constitution or Congress.

Obama wanted to force your sons and daughters to provide mandatory civil service for the government.

One of the rare occasions when the Obama administration does favor freedom is in the area of voting fraud. The Obama administration thinks people should be free to engage in it. That's the message the Obama administration sends when it blocks voter id laws. As I mentioned previously, the Obama administration believes minorities are too dumb to figure out how to obtain id's, even when those id's are free. The Obama administration posits that because minorities are too dumb to obtain the id's, it is discriminatory to expect these inferior minority citizens to display their id's when they go to vote (no explanation for how these inferior minorities managed to find the polling place, when they are incapable of getting to the BMV for their free id's). To extend the Obama administration's thinking a bit (I use the term 'thinking' very loosely here), if it is discriminatory to expect an inferior minority person to show an id at the voting booth, then it is also discriminatory to expect an inferior minority person to show an id elsewhere. Therefore, minorities are being "discriminated" against all over the place. When a minority must produce an id to buy a six-pack, that is discriminatory. When a minority must produce an id to buy cigarettes, that is discriminatory. When a minority must produce and id to cash a check, that is discriminatory. When a minority must show an id to board an airplane...well, I could go on and on, but you get the drift. The gist is, I never knew this type of racism was so rampant in our society !!! (sarcasm intended). Here I thought we'd made great strides in racial equality. Heck, we even elected a minority President (who must be inferior, according to the Obama administration. Boy, twisted liberal logic sure does get confusing).

Contrary to Obama and his minions, I DON'T believe minorities are inferior. I believe they are perfectly capable of obeying our laws, just like white people are. What's offensive to me is anyone who would suggest the Obama administration.

I'm trying to remember how we got by as a country before Obama and his minions took over our brains, remotely directing our actions from Washington D.C. How in the world did we survive ? It's a least to liberals.



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