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James Clyburn On Plant Life, Compassion

By Da King Published: June 14, 2010

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) has been making quite a name for himself lately.

In the Democratic primaries in South Carolina, the voters nominated a completely unknown Senate candidate, Alvin Greene, who hadn't even campaigned, who hadn't attended the S.C. Democratic convention, who can barely speak coherently, who faces felony obscenity charges, who is unemployed and lives with his father, and who apparently got elected due to him being the first candidate listed on the ballot (Dem voters didn't know who any of the candidates were, according to a Democratic polling firm).

Faced with such a 'stupid is as stupid does' outcome, Rep. Clyburn flew into Democrat face-saving action, immediately accusing Alvin Greene of being a "Republican plant," based upon...well, based upon nothing, other than it sounded to Clyburn like it might work. He had exactly zero evidence upon which to base his claim, and Alvin Greene says he has always been a Democrat.

Naturally, the left-wing blogosphere picked up Clyburn's made-up charge and reported it as if it was stone-cold fact. Damn those dirty Republicans ! They always steal elections ! Just like they did in 2004 and 2000,...and 1988, 1984, 1980, and 1972...and 1712, 1506, and 126 BC !! Damn them !!! The nutroots went foaming-at-the-mouth wild. In other words, the nutroots pursued business-as-usual.

Several top Democrats are calling for an investigation of Greene, and have called for him to step down from the Senate race, where he has about as much chance of defeating incumbent Republican Jim Demint as your company softball team would have of defeating the New York Yankees. The Dems say they want Greene to step down because of the felony charge, but Greene says he's not guilty, and he's not stepping down from anything. In reality, the Dems want Greene to step down because he's an embarassment to them, and the other S.C. Democratic Senate candidate, Vic Rawls, might have a snowball's chance against Demint. You know what they say about the Democrats. They are always looking out for the little guy, and that's why they are trying to overturn the will of the voters in South Caroli.....wait a second. That sounds more like screwing the little guy, just like Dems did in the 2008 presidential primaries, where they excluded entire states from the primary process. Oh well. That was probably Bush's fault, right nutroots ?

Clyburn's "plant" accusations don't stop with Alvin Greene. Rep. Clyburn has come up with no less than THREE plants in South Carolina, including the man who ran against Clyburn, hoo ha. All three "plants" were African-American, and were not backed by the state Democratic party. Apparently, any candidate who wins or runs in a Democratic primary in South Carolina who is not the choice of Clyburn and his Democratic honchos is a "plant." I guess we can't have non-party machine candidates going around running and winning elections. Heavens, no. That might lead to

diversity chaos in the Democratic party. Some of these "plants," like Clyburn's opponent, Gregory Brown, actually believe < shudder> that the GOVERNMENT IS SPENDING TOO MUCH MONEY. That kind of crazy talk is considered heresy by the Left. No government led by Democrats can spend too much money. Only government's led by Republicans can spend too much money. It's basic (ill) logic.

On sunday's State Of The Union program on CNN, Rep. Clyburn was just the man to explain this (ill) logic to us. He said we need to "look to the future with a little more compassion and bipartisanship," and we need to stop talking about "cutting taxes, cutting taxes, cutting taxes."

Allow me to explain what Clyburn means.

In Demo-speak, "compassion" means the government should be able to steal ever increasing amounts of private wealth, though they use the more genteel-sounding term "redistributing wealth." Regardless of the term they use, they are forcibly taking the money from citizens who earned it and putting it in the government's hands, to be used as the government sees fit. This is the essence of what it means to be a liberal. It's about thievery, er, I mean "compassion."

In Demo-speak, "bipartisanship" means the GOP should shut the hell up and just go along with the Democrats on the "compassion" thing. The end.

In Demo-speak, "cutting taxes" is either a) horrible and racist when Bush did it, or b) help for the working man when Obama did it. Clyburn actually praised Obama's tax cuts on the same CNN program that he railed AGAINST cutting taxes. I think Clyburn is a plant.

Cutting government spending is NEVER an alternative for a James Clyburn. He actually thinks the government isn't spending enough. He said a second stimulus package should be discussed on that CNN program. Liberals actually believe that in a country up to it's ears in debt, with major revenue shortages, with federal spending having literally doubled in 10 short years, with trillion+ deficits with no end in sight, with a major recession that was caused by overspending and overleveraging.....the answer is for the government to SPEND EVEN MORE. This should be coined the Paul Krugman Theory Of Economic Mass Destruction. It's comparable to treating a patient who is going into anaphylactic shock due to a bee sting allergy with a massive injection of more bee venom. It's desirable only if the objective is to KILL THE PATIENT.

To those of James Clyburn's ilk, this is "compassion." To me, it sounds more like death.



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