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John Edwards, Father Of The Year

By Da King Published: August 9, 2008


In 2007, Democratic presidential contender John Edwards accepted a Father Of The Year award. In 2006, John Edwards was banging some broad he picked up in a bar, Rielle Hunter, as Edwards' wife was battling cancer. Classy. He also put the broad he was banging on his campaign payroll as a videographer, paying her over $100,000, even though she didn't have any experience or qualifications. Rielle Hunter had a baby in february, and the father is unknown. There is speculation that Edwards may be the father. Somebody is still paying Rielle Hunter $15,000 per month. That is unknown at this point too. Edwards claims his affair with Miss Hunter ended in 2006, but if so, why did Edwards meet Hunter at the Beverly Hilton for 5 hours a couple weeks ago, exiting her hotel room at 2:45 in the morning ? Edwards ran away when confronted by National Enquirer reporters at that hotel, and barricaded himself into the hotel bathroom (there's a presidential action for you. What would Edwards have done as CINC during a foreign attack, pee his pants and put his hands over his eyes ?). The National Enquirer says Edwards has met with Miss Hunter at least 3 times in the last couple months. That's an odd way to conduct an ended affair.

Is Edwards a hypocrite ? Do birds fly ?

I have to say, I've never considered the National Enquirer to be a reliable news source, and I didn't really believe their story at first. Prior to his confession, where Edwards claimed to be 'ashamed' of his actions and 'bared his soul', John Edwards condemned the Enquirer as a trashy tabloid who lied and made up false stories about him. The problem was, when Edwards said those things, HE was the one lying and making up false stories. The Enquirer was telling the truth. Ouch. It must hurt when one is LESS honest than a sensationalist tabloid magazine that prints stories about outer space aliens working as 7-11 clerks in New Jersey. Then again, Edwards used to be an ambulance chasing lawyer who brought bogus lawsuits against physicians. As physicians were trying to heal the sick, Edwards was trying to pick their pockets, so it's not like the Breck Girl was really all that honorable from the start. And after being a shyster, Edwards went into politics, another profession where lying with a straight face is a valued skill. It wasn't really shocking to me to find out Edwards was full of it. There were hints the size of minivans.

During the confession of his affair, Edwards said he had become "egocentric and narcissistic" while campaigning for president. That sure rings true, even if Edwards claim that his affair ended in 2006 doesn't. I venture to say Edwards was still egocentric and narcissistic in 2007 and 2008 as well, because he made the decision to seek the Democratic presidential nomination AFTER he knew he had this huge skeleton hanging in his closet. That takes some ego. Can you imagine what would have happened to the Democratic party had Edwards won the presidential nomination, and THEN THIS SCANDAL BROKE ??? It would have made Gary Hart's tryst with Donna Rice look like a game of spin the bottle. Edwards would have blown the Dems sky high right before a presidential election, and John Edwards, man of the people (he's the son of a mill worker, you know), was perfectly willing to risk ALL that for his own ambition.

After being caught red-handed and forced to confess his affair, John Edwards still maintained that the National Enquirer was the liar, and Edwards faults himself because "...being 99 percent honest is no longer enough." Sorry, Johnny, I don't see the 99 percent honesty on your part here. Or even 1 percent.

Edwards also claims he shared "every painful detail" of his affair with his wife, Elizabeth. How creepy is that ? 'Well first, Elizabeth, I unbuttoned her blouse, then I stripped off her panties, and then....' Thanks, John, but keep the details to yourself. Your wife has been through enough.



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