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Keeping It Clean

By David King Published: October 8, 2013

President Obama and the Democrats keep saying they want the Republican-led House to pass a "clean" spending bill to end the government shutdown and avert the looming debt ceiling limit. This spending bill is called a "continuing resolution (CR)".

Let's define "clean CR", as used by Democrats.

The term "clean CR" means that despite the record level of debt escalation that has taken place over the last five years (over $6.5 trillion), the Democrats basically want a blank check to keep their Total Economic Fantasyland train running. They don't want to make ANY spending concessions to move the federal government closer to a balanced budget, despite FY2013's $777 billion in new debt.  For those of you keeping track, no other administration has ever run up $777 billion in debt in a single year prior to Team Barry, and that $777 billion figure is Obama's LOWEST annual debt runup.

What  a "clean CR" means is, the Democrats want further authority to borrow and spend, because the record $2.7 trillion+ the federal government received in revenue last year is nowhere near enough for them, as hard as that is to believe. I never thought I'd defend the old tax and spend philosophy of liberal Democrats, but I will admit, tax and spend is much preferable to borrow and spend. At least the old tax and spenders had some measure of fiscal sanity attached to their beliefs. Today's borrow and spenders do not. They are completely insane in the membrane. President Obama and his minions look directly in the camera and, with straight faces, propose the most batsh*t crazy fiscal armaggedon ever heard this side of the Weimar Republic ...and all I keep hearing from the media and the Democrats is how "extremist" are those crazy Tea Party Republicans for opposing it. Drooling fools like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Pluto) refer to anyone who dares question Obama's Nero-like fiddling as "anarchists" or "terrorists".  Words no longer have meaning in this upside-down fiction the Democrats are peddling. Today's Democratic party is a bad joke, a caricature of it's former self. In a sane world, the Democrats would be laughed out of Washington D.C.

Now we turn to the Republican party.

The most amazing part of Total Economic Fantasyland is - those feckless, useless, leaderless, Peter Pan-like believers in magic known as the Democrats, ARE WINNING THE ARGUMENT. In other words, people agree with today's Democrats, the most irresponsible politicians who may have ever existed in America, over today's Republicans. That takes a whole lotta extra special stupid on the part of the Republican party, and if there's one thing the GOP isn't lacking in, it's stupidity. The prime current example is the GOP trying to defund the health care legislation simply because they don't like it. And here I thought the Republicans were the "rule of law" party. Well, guess what, Republicans ? ObamaCare, like it or not, is the RULE OF LAW. If you want to repeal it, you go out and win more elections and then use the legislative process to repeal it. You don't throw a hissy fit and refuse to fund the federal government. By fighting the WRONG battle at the WRONG time, the GOP has managed to turn the public against it. Brilliant, GOPers, just brilliant. Obama and his inept friends have the country on the brink of disaster, and the GOP has managed to distract the public away from this fact and move the GOP's own disgraceful tactics to the forefront. In the latest poll I read, 70% of Americans blame the GOP for the current government shutdown/debt limit impasse.

Being a person who likes to assist the feeble and self-destructive, I have a suggestion for the GOP: let ObamaCare be implemented. Fully. Don't resist any more. Your objections are well documented. If ObamaCare is as bad as it appears to be, and America hates it as much as it should, the next election should be a record landslide for the Republican party. Let it happen. Let the Obamanauts hang themselves. I know it will cause interim economic pain to the country, but maybe that's exactly what America needs to start paying attention. On the other hand, if by some miracle ObamaCare turns out to be great, well, then that would be a good thing for the country, and the GOP will have to take it's lumps. That's the way politics works.

What the GOP should be arguing about now is the massive deficit, not ObamaCare. The reason we have a legal debt limit ceiling in the first place is to prevent our debt from spiraling out of control. If Pres. Obama won't negotiate there, that makes HIM the obstructionist (or economic "terrorist", as many Demoncrats would say).

No need to thank me for the advice, GOP, because I don't much like you. I just hate the other guys more.



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