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Liberal Bachmann Blather

By Da King Published: July 3, 2011

Now that Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) is making some noise in the GOP Iowa primary, the attacks from the left have begun in earnest. No surprise there. It's to be expected.

After reading a half dozen or so attack pieces from the left against Bachmann, you begin to pickup the common threads. Thus far, the left is trying to portray Bachmann as a evangelical dim bulb anti-feminist who makes a lot of false claims. They say she went to a lightweight college to get her law degree (as if it's easy to get a law degree and pass the bar exam no matter where you go to college). For the record, Bachmann got a B.A. from Winona State University, then went to law school at Oral Roberts (now Regent University), and received her Masters in law from William And Mary Law School. If Bachmann is an idiot, she sure fooled a lot of colleges and professors. After college, Bachmann went to work for the IRS as a tax attorney, but I won't hold that against her. I guess Bachmann's Masters degree isn't sufficient for the liberal blogger elites who work part-time at Starbuck's while still living in their parents basements. She doesn't measure up to their standards. Heck, I bet Bachmann doesn't even know how to make a half-caf double mocha latte !

Liberals believe calling someone an "evangelical" is akin to calling them a knuckle-dragging neanderthal, so you will hear that label applied to Bachmann every single time a liberal refers to her, without fail, unless her shooting star fizzles. I'm not even sure what an evangelical is, other than a Christian who believes the doctrine. Bachmann belongs to a Lutheran church, which isn't any kind of cult to my knowledge. Some libs may believe otherwise, because at Bachmann's church, they don't say things like "God Damn America !", or refer to this country as "AmeriKKKa !", like they do at another prominent politician's former church, which liberals seemed to have no problem with. But calling Bachmann a "Lutheran" or a "Christian" doesn't pack enough wallop, so they'll stick with "evangelical". That makes it sound more like Bachmann is eager for the Rapture to arrive, and maybe she'd push the button on the nuclear football to get back with Jesus sooner rather than later. Liberals actually believe things like this are a genuine concern, while at the same time they believe real Islamic terrorists blowing things up is a minor matter. Liberals believe the real threat there lies in potential civil rights violations against Muslims. They are such nuanced thinkers.

The charge from the left that Bachmann is anti-feminist is outright hilarious. I don't know how many individual accomplishments it takes for a conservative woman to banish that stupid left-wing talking point, but I don't know of any conservative woman who has ever managed to meet the left's definition of feminism, which is nothing more than - she favors killing the unborn. Bachmann does not favor that (she can think for herself, lefties ! That's the true measure of liberation), so she doesn't qualify. Bachmann not only talks the anti-abortion talk, she also walks the anti-abortion walk, having foster parented 23 children as well as having five children of her own, in between getting her Masters, working for the IRS, working in the Minnesota State Senate, being the first Republican woman ever elected to Congress in Minnesota, owning a stake in a family farm, and now running for President. If that isn't enough "equal rights" to satisfy the femi-nazis, they can go piss up a rope, because their movement has no meaning.

My favorite left-wing hit piece on Bachmann is one that says more about how the author thinks than it does about Bachmann. It comes from the Huffington Post. Here's the money part:

The first woman elected as president of the United States has to be exceptional. Superior. The smartest, best educated and most rational person in the room. So, not Palin, not Bachmann. Why? Because failure is not an option.

I used to work at a Wall St. investment bank. There were diversity programs galore but it was still problematic to find a senior woman to promote to Managing Director in Information Technology. I used to discuss this often with my boss, himself an MD. He finally suggested just promoting a particular (and the most senior) woman in the group to managing director. His argument was "self selection". People tend to like and promote people who are similar to themselves. I get that and I agree. But this woman was not good. If there were five options in any given situation, not only would she not pick the best one, she would almost always pick the worst one. So my worry was that the first woman MD would "represent". She would be the standard bearer. She would have to do a good job, on behalf of her entire gender. If she sucked, the reaction would be "See. Women can't be managing directors". If a guy in that role sucked, it would just be "Gee, John is an idiot" and not "Men are idiots".

Barack Obama carries that burden for African Americans. Happily, he carries it well. Regardless of your politics, you have to admit (really, you have to!) that he is well-educated, competent, rational, even-tempered and intelligent.

So, even if my political views weren't the polar opposite of Palin's and Bachmann's (which they are), I would still say "not Palin, not Bachmann". As women, this is a risk we cannot afford to take.

This is the perfect example of deranged liberal groupthink. You see, in this mindset, Obama isn't just a man. No, he's a black man, and therefore represents all blacks (the racist subtext is that all blacks are alike, and one black must speak for all of them). Bachmann isn't an individual woman who stands or falls on her own merits. No, instead she represents all women to this liberal dunderhead (the mysoginist and sexist subtext is that all women are alike). The writer of this garbage is a liberal woman who no doubt thinks of herself as a feminist, as she slices and dices individuals up into neat little bigoted categories.

Needless to say, in the non-groupthink world, the rational world, Obama and Bachmann are just people. They don't represent every other person in the country who looks like them. If Abe Lincoln had failed, nobody would have said all tall, bearded people failed. Nobody would have talked about what a blow it was to Bearded Americans everywhere. If Obama fails, it doesn't mean black people fail. That's an utterly insane notion. And if Bachmann fails, it doesn't mean women fail either.

The final nail in Bachmann's coffin for the left comes from the fact that she is a Tea Party supporter. Liberals absolutely cannot hold with any protest movement in this country...unless it is one of the hundred or so liberal protest movements. On the very rare occasion when conservatives, libertarians, independents, and even some Democrats protest, as happened with the Tea Party movement, liberals immediately turn into quaking-in-their-boots pansies, fearing the next Civil War is upon us. They act as if the Bastille is about to be stormed. It would be comical if it wasn't so hypocritical and pathetic. The same liberals who throw things and blackball conservative speakers on college campuses (we can't have any ideas muddying our university waters !), are the ones who believe middle-aged Tea Partiers are somehow going to turn into the Brownshirts. It's absurd. Btw, has anyone heard the libnuts complain and quiver about all the "dangerous" union protesting going on now ? No, me neither. Curious, huh ?

Do I think Bachmann would be a good President ??? I have no idea. I haven't made any such judgement one way or the other. For now, I think other candidates may be better choices, but it's still early. Pushing Bachmann for President is not the purpose of this post. I only defend her to the extent that I will defend anyone against the liberal lunacy. Everybody deserves that much.



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