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By Da King Published: February 25, 2011

How can Libtards be for social freedom, but against economic freedom ? This has never made much sense to me, because these two freedoms are intertwined. They are two sides of the same liberty coin. They are inseparable, yet Libtards can't see it.

Allow me to explain.

Ask Libtards if women have the right to choose abortions or not, and they will say 'yes' without hesitation. They will say abortion is a basic human right. They are certain of it.

Then ask the same Libtards if people have the right to choose health insurance or not, and you will get a completely different answer. The Libtards will shift gears out of personal freedom mode and shift into Massah Gotta Tell Us Po' Darkies How To Act mode. The Libtard pose about being pro-choice and embracing constitutional privacy flies right out the window.

Thus, we end up with the extremely dubious Libtard proposition that human life is a LESS important matter than an insurance policy. Libtards want the government to mandate and control the latter, but not the former.

As another example, Libtards are for gay marriage, a social freedom issue, but if you start advocating low taxes, an issue of economic freedom, Libtards revert once again to the Master-Slave mindset, where the Massah government (run by Libtards, of course) should decide how much money us po' darkies can have. Lord knows we cain't haves too awful much. We'd prob'ly just drink, gamble, and ho it all away, cuz we ain't gots no sense anyhow. Ya knows how us chillun' fritters away dat ole money. Bettuh tuh have Massah hold it fo' us.

The explanation for this Libtard dichotomy between social and economic freedom is relatively easy to explain - Libtards want to get into YOUR pocketbook, so they can use YOUR money to carry out THEIR plans. And if you don't like THEIR hands in YOUR pocket, you better watch out, because the Libtards will call you all kinds of horrible names, like "racist", "hater of the poor", "greedy", "heartless", "corporatist", "fascist", "only care about the rich", etc, etc. The Libtards use these horrible names in order to distract you from the fact that THEY ARE ROBBING YOU. They are stealing the money you earned to take it for themselves. That is robbery, no two ways about it. And then they have the nerve to call YOU greedy if you object. Go figure. At least the guy who broke into my house and stole my stereo and television a few years ago didn't write me a note castigating me because I didn't have enough good stuff for him to steal. That thief didn't have the audacity to call ME greedy because I objected to being robbed. Libtards DO have that much audacity. They even believe their thievery puts them on the moral high ground. They must think the Ten Commandments says "Thou SHALT Steal". Going back to the abortion issue, Libtards are pretty relaxed about the "Thou Shalt Not Kill" Commandment as well. Libtards only invoke Thou Shalt Not Kill when it pertains to murderers and terrorists. They are fine with killing the innocent, just not the guilty. Again...Go figure.

The Libtards favorite bible quotation comes when Jesus said "Render Unto Caesar The Things Which Are Caesar's". Libtards, being natural thieves who are consumed with lust for the possessions of others (they missed the Commandment about coveting too), take this to mean Jesus would approve of Libtard thievery. They act as if Jesus was writing them a blank check. They miss the whole point of the story, of course, but that's what makes them Libtards. Jesus was actually saying he was concerned with the kingdom of God, not the kingdom of man. He wasn't offering an opinion on marginal tax rates (Note - Libtards reading this are polishing up their Jesus quotes to show Jesus was a liberal, or a socialist. The kicker is, many of those same Libtards will be atheists. They see no dichotomy there either).

When it comes to stealing money, Libtards know where to look. They look to the people who already pay the most in taxes, the wealthy, and then they make hysterical arguments that the wealthy, who pay the most in taxes by far, are not paying enough. My Libtard friend the Reverend writes entire posts about how the people who pay the most in taxes by far don't pay enough. He speaks fondly of days past when the highest marginal income tax rate was 70-90%. Like I said, Libtards are thieves. The Reverend is no exception.

The other thing Libtards hate is PROFITS. Even though business profits are what provide jobs and allows the entire middle class to exist in this country, Libtards hate profits. Even though without profits there would be no business sector providing all the fantastic products we have today, Libtards still hate profits. Even though Libtards cherished government revenue is completely dependent on the profits from the private sector, Libtards still hate profits. The reason why is simple - lots of those profits elude the clutches of Libtards (but they're working on that). Lots of those profits end up in the hand of, ugh, RICH PEOPLE. Libtards NEVER realize that those profits actually are what create the rich people in the first place, or that having a bunch of rich people in the country is REALLY GOOD. It's not like things would be better if we had nothing but poor people. We should be trying to create as many rich people as possible. That is called PROSPERITY last time I checked, but Libtards call it "evil", "greedy", and blah, blah, blah.

Libtards have the mistaken belief that every dollar of business profit is somehow stolen from someone else, generally a poor person. That's why Libtards are all socialists, even though every marxist state in the history of mankind has been a miserable, squalid, soul-crushing, human rights-destroying, abject failure. Nevertheless, Libtards remain undaunted by history in their quest for bigger and better miserable, squalid, soul-crushing, human rights-destroying, abject failures. And they think the way to get there is by allowing the government (led by Libtards, of course) to take over EVERYTHING. This is stupidity on a colossal level given our human history of government corruption, tyranny, and enslavement, but....that's what makes them Libtards. They not only don't learn from history, they pretend it doesn't even exist. They've grown up taking freedom for granted, which might be their worst miscalculation of all.



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