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Living In Bizarro World

By Da King Published: January 4, 2011

When I wrote a post titled Economic Lunacy on December 23rd, the federal government was $13.89 trillion in debt. This morning I discovered the federal government is now over $14 trillion in debt. That means we've accumulated over $100 billion in new debt IN TWELVE DAYS. In the upside-down bizarro world of Obamaland, this means our President is "essentially a Blue Dog Democrat," as the New York Times reported Obama saying of himself privately. In case anyone doesn't know what a Blue Dog is, it's a fiscally conservative Democrat. If we're going to start pretending Obama is a fiscal conservative, we may as well start calling Sarah Palin a socialist, because words no longer have meaning.

The huge 12-day jump in federal debt immediately reminded me of liberal New York Times columnist/economist? Paul Krugman, who in a recent column said what the government should do is spend tons more money to create a 21st century version of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to lower unemployment. This would further accelerate our already staggering debt pace, of course.

Apparently, Krugman's solution to fiscal irresponsibility is MORE fiscal irresponsibility. Color me skeptical, though "skeptical" undestates my true feelings. If I was being more frank, I'd say Krugman is an enemy of the people. Here is the actual quote from Krugman's column:

A rational political system would long since have created a 21st-century version of the Works Progress Administration — we’d be putting the unemployed to work doing what needs to be done, repairing and improving our fraying infrastructure. In the political system we have, however, Senator-elect Kelly Ayotte, delivering the Republican weekly address on New Year’s Day, declared that “ Job one is to stop wasteful Washington spending.”

Where to start ? Perhaps Professor Krugman missed the enormous $814 billion stimulus program signed by President Obama in 2009. Perhaps Krugman missed all those WPA-type "shovel-ready" projects contained in that stimulus. Perhaps Krugman also missed the fact that no long-term jobs were created by that stimulus. Perhaps Krugman missed the explosion of federal spending over the last decade that created all this debt. Perhaps Krugman is unaware of the enormous future spending commitments the federal government has already made.

Or perhaps Krugman is nothing but a partisan bs'er who would say absolutely anything to trash the "enemies" (as President Obama termed the Republicans), no matter how dishonest it is. Somehow, enemy Krugman has turned a Republican-led effort to "stop wasteful Washington spending" into a bad thing. Krugman remains firmly in the pro-wasteful spending camp, and he's doing it when our country is already $14 trillion in debt. When we are spending more than ever as a normal state of affairs, Krugman says the problem is we're not spending enough. What manner of insanity is this ? How does this clown even get to write a newspaper column, much less teach a class on economics at Princeton ? Even the dullest economist should realize one plus one doesn't equal four, yet Krugman keeps insisting it does.

At the bottom of the insanity is a commonly-held left-wing misconception - they believe jobs originate from the government. This is obviously not true in a free society. Our jobs come from the private sector. Jobs only come from the government under certain authoritarian governmental systems, such as this one:

"a governmental system having complete power, regimenting all industry, commerce,..."

Is this not what left-wingers have been advocating ? They want the government to control industry, dictate commerce, take an ever larger share of our GDP via taxation, centralize power. They rail against the free market and private corporations. They mock the notions of limited government, low taxes, individual liberty, etc. They make these arguments all day, every day.

What are they advocating ? Well, the governmental system I quoted above is known as FASCISM, but you can substitute any other authoritarian -ism in it's place; communism, marxism, socialism, totalitarianism. It doesn't much matter. They all end with freedom being eradicated and the people subservient peons for the state. I call it slavery. Lefties somehow call it social justice. Bizarro world indeed.



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