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Look Who's Talking - Again

By Da King Published: December 16, 2007


Newsweek magazine has turned over some space within it's covers to that renowned international diplomat, the voice of reason, Columbia university's favorite Jew-hating, armageddon seeking, executor of homosexuals and oppressor of women (but evidently a cool guy because he hates Bush too, same as Newsweek and Columbia do), Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Let's give Newsweek and the little america hating fellow a nice hand (or at least one finger of a hand, that's all I could muster). Newsweek shows a nice picture of a smiling Ahmadinejad for a 'special guest commentary' (isn't that special ?) titled 'An Arrogant Approach, The Dangers of Unilateralism - For The United States And The World'. Naturally, it's a condemnation of american foreign policy. If I didn't know it was Ahmadinejad talking, I would have guessed that it was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) who wrote the article. Those two sound so much alike, it's uncanny. Harry must have Mahmoud on speed dial or something, so he can get the latest Iranian talking points heard in the halls of Congress as quickly as possible.

Tell me Ahmadinejad doesn't sound just like the liberal Democrats in Congress or the far left in general:

"After the end of the cold war and the regional confrontations emanating from bipolar competition, many hoped there would be a beautiful spring in international relations, as a multilateral system emerged that offered equal opportunities to all members of the international community. It was hoped that the new world would enable all nations, in light of universally accepted humane norms and mutual respect, to advance together, eradicate poverty and injustice, and set aside bitter memories of the past that were nothing but war, bloodshed, violence and tension.

Those hopes were dashed by the United States and its leaders, who adopted a new and aggressive approach. Their assertion of unchallenged global leadership—and the inability of the international community and the United Nations to challenge it—frustrated hopes for a stable and peaceful world. Instead, once again we witness the re-emergence of a system that produced nothing but tension and insecurity.

"Absolute unilateralism" by the United States is the salient element of the new system adopted by the U.S. government toward world development. It has prevented the American people from playing their proper role in eliminating tyranny and violence and in helping bring peace, justice and security. Why should the prestige of the great American people be tarnished by the selfish and bullying ambitions of their government, whose negative role is clearly visible in many current conflicts, especially in the Middle East?

The worst example of this approach was the U.S. attack on Iraq and its catastrophic consequences. What was the crime of the 700,000 Iraqis, mostly women and children, who have died since, or of the many more that have been disabled, injured and displaced? On the basis of what international norms and rules can the U.S. government justify its actions over the past four and a half years there? Who should be held accountable for the destruction and oppression of the Iraqi people?"

Can't you just see the libs nodding their heads in agreement with Ahmadinejad ? They have to be, because they've been saying the same exact things for years about the Bush administration.

Forget about that little old 444-day Iranian hostage crisis thingy between the USA and Iran. That couldn't be the reason there was no "beautiful spring in international relations" between us, could it ? Naw. That probably didn't even happen, like the Holocaust, which Ahmadinejad also denies. Ahmadinejad condemns the US for removing Saddam, whom Iran also fought for 8 years, but he covers up for that by blaming, guess who, the USA, because we supported Saddam following the IRANIAN HOSTAGE CRISIS. You have to be a complete dunderhead to take this guy seriously (btw, 'complete dunderhead' and 'liberal' are synonyms). Iran also has been seeking war with Israel through it proxies in Syria, by supporting Hezbollah among others, they have openly advocated the destruction of Israel, and they have denied the IAEA access to their nuclear program, so I ask you:

What kind of morons do you have to be to keep giving this lying piece of crap a stage from which to spew his hatemongering propaganda ? That's you, Newsweek. Stop legitimizing Adolph Hitler's spiritual brother, you festering scabs on journalism's butt. This is precisely the man you should be de-legitimizing, as I have just done.



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