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Lying Propagandist Calls Fox News Lying Propagandists

By Da King Published: July 22, 2010

There are some things I just can't take. One of those things is being preached to about the lack of media ethics by the most unethical, lying, pompous, arrogant, smarmy jerk-off ever to grace the boob tube. I'm referring, of course, to MSNBC's propagandistic hack toad, Keith Olbermann (Ubermoron). Watching five minutes of Olby's hate-filled, hypocritical, and imperious over-the-top smack makes me feel dirty. I feel the need to shower in order to remove his foul stench.

Ubermoron, who evidently has not an iota of self-awareness or shame, doesn't even realize that in his "special comment" rants against Fox News (or whichever conservatives he is calling evil racist terrorists that day), he could just as easily be talking about himself. He has engaged in absolutely every unethical act of which he accuses others.

This is glaringly apparent in his latest spew about the Shirley Sherrod situation. The hambone Ubermoron returned from his vacation (hopefully, he was resting comfortably at a mental hospital with a thorazine drip) to make the following exaggerated condemnations against those who rushed to judgement about Sherrod.

(I don't blame you if you can't stomach the entire clip. Three or four minutes of it should give you the bomb-throwing gist).

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Absolutely everything Ubermoron said about a lack of media ethics in this clip could also be said of Keith Ubermoron.

Let's cut directly to the chase. Has Ubermoron ever taken any conservative words out of context and twisted them into meaning something other than what was actually intended ??? You're damn skippy. He does it routinely, and he does it intentionally. Here's but one small example out of a boatload. Google 'Olbermann lies' and you will find PLENTY more examples:

Keith Olbermann IS what Keith Olbermann condemns.

At the same time he condemns the right wingers, the ThinkProgress phony Tea Party racism tape has been exposed, and the Journolist reporters have been exposed (see my previous post). The lying scum assasin known as Ubermoron doesn't even MENTION these example of unethical media actions (and tellingly, neither does the rest of the mainstream media, speaking of ethics). No, no. That would be inconvenient to the phony partisan bilge he's trying to shove down the gullible throats of his lemming audience (which, fortunately, is relatively small). Instead, he uses Breitbart to condemn everything the conservative media has ever said, everything they have ever done. He takes everything way too far, as he always does. Ubermoron has been calling the Tea Party racist since it's inception. He calls them fascists, compares them to the KKK, Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah. He phonies up charges of Tea Party violence. I'd compare Olbermann to a DailyKos diarist, but he actually IS a Kos diarist, which should clue you into his game right there.

The egoistic turd known as Keith Olbermann is no panacea for the media's lack of ethics. He is the embodiment of that lack of ethics.

And that's my "special comment." Good night, and good luck. You'll need it if you believe in Keith Olbermann.



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