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McCain Selects Sarah Palin For Vice President

By Da King Published: August 29, 2008

sarah palin

I was surprised when Barack Obama selected Joe Biden as his Democratic Vice Presidential nominee.

I am downright shocked that John McCain has selected Alaskan governor Sarah Palin to be the Republican VP nominee. The maverick strikes again, and then some.

Obviously, McCain chose Palin to...carry the critical swing state of Alaska and gain it's 3 electoral college votes come november ????? Shrewd, Johnny Mac.

Or maybe McCain wanted to offset Biden's 36 years of Senate experience with...Palin's nearly 2 years of gubernatorial experience ????? Hmmm. Well, Palin is a lot PRETTIER than Biden, so take that, Democrats. Ha !

Then again, maybe this has more to do with...Obama's non-selection of Hillary Clinton and the female vote. I'm quite the expert political analyst, aren't I ? A regular master of the obvious.

Don't get me wrong. I am a big fan of Sarah Palin's. She is an ethical reformer and a fiscal conservative. She is hugely popular in Alaska, with favorability ratings running between 80-90%. She has worked to rid her state of corruption, and she has done it by going against her own Republican party. She has fought against the porky Alaskan Republican indicted corrupt Senator Ted Stevens, and also against Representative Don Young. She has fought the special interests, and worked to rid her state of it's dependence on federal dollars. Palin has her head on straight. If we want to bring a D.C. outsider to Washington, Palin is about as outside as you can get.

The Democrats are going to have a field day with Palin having such little experience, especially after the McCain campaign has made Obama's scant experience such a central criticism. Then again, Palin would be the VP, not the president, and she has more EXECUTIVE experience than Obama has. Obama hasn't run anything in his life, not even a Dairy Queen (I stole your line, Vince). In fact, Palin has more executive experience than anyone on either ticket. The rest are all legislators in the Senate.

I probably shouldn't rely on Wikipedia, but there's a decent bio on Sarah Palin there. You can also see a video of Palin on the Glenn Beck show here. Palin doesn't show up until about the 4:20 mark, but Glenny is pretty entertaining up until that point.

You can forget about those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling now. This should also put a dent in the false McCain=Bush talking point that was the central theme of the Democratic National Convention. Palin isn't similar to Dick Cheney at all.



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