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McCain Wins Florida (sigh)

By Da King Published: January 30, 2008


Rudy Giuliani is out of the running. He seems happy to be out of the running. Makes me wonder if that strategy of his to not compete in the early primary states was intentional. Could he be headed for the back end of a (shudder) McCain/Giuliani ticket ? Rudy didn't seem interested enough in becoming president. He might have been slightly more interested than Fred Thompson, who ran his campaign as if he was on Valium, but not interested enough.

Mike Huckabee is also virtually out of the running, but it looks like he is going to hang in the race until Super Tuesday, if for no other reason than to stick it to Mitt Romney, since he splits off some of Romney's conservative vote.

This leaves John McCain as the frontrunner with the momentum in the GOP, and the likely nominee.

Which leaves me with one question:


John McCain didn't support the Bush tax cuts, which pulled us out of a recession. Now, he says he wants to make them permanent. Gee, I wonder what could have prompted this reversal ?

John McCain supported shamnesty for immigrants entering the country illegally. He supported Social Security benefits for those same people. His partner in crime on that bill was none other than Ted Kennedy, who, not coincidentally, authored the last 'fix' of illegal immigration in 1986, that did nothing about illegal immigration except increase it.

John McCain suppressed freedom of speech with the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform bill.

John McCain was one of the Gang Of 14 who sided against his own party in breaking up the Democrats filibustering of judicial nominess, which denied the nominees an up or down vote. This was after the Democrats held the process hostage for months.

John McCain partnered with Joe Lieberman on an expensive Climate Change Bill, a bill that would raise consumer energy prices and government spending.

John McCain was the sole Republican in the Keating Five.

Is this the best the GOP can do ? Are you Republican primary voters paying attention to what you are voting for ? I'm trying to take all this in and figure it out....let's see....

Hey, I know. I'll do what the Democrats do when an election doesn't go their way........

VOTER FRAUD ! VOTER FRAUD ! (Hey, the primary was in Florida too !). VOTER FRAUD !

Farewell Ronnie. I'm very sad to see you go, replaced by these posers. No wonder the Conservative Coalition is falling apart. There aren't enough conservatives in it. They've been replaced by Liberal Lite (tastes like crap and is less fulfilling).

"Reagan footsoldier" my big fat behind.

It's my opinion that about 25% of the electorate is hardcore conservative, about 15% is hardcore liberal, and the other 60% floats around in the middle, sometimes floating a little left and other times floating a little right. That 60% is floating to the left at this time. We really could have a return to complete liberal control of all branches of government very soon, just like in the Carter years (aka, the worst economy in my lifetime). Good luck, america. You're gonna need it. Taking a hard left turn into enormous increases in taxation and government spending at this precise time in our history, with an already huge debt and tons of future unfunded liabilities coming our way, will end with a resounding crash. And we are standing there like a deer in the headlights watching it come, doing nothing, seemingly not even willing to acknowledge it.


On the Democratic side, Hillary won nothing in Florida with 50% of the vote and zero delegates, and John Edwards finally realized he wasn't in the presidential race anymore. The Breck Girl dropped out, and rumor has it, he may throw his support to one of the other candidates (Obama) in return for an Attorney General nomination ? Could you see Edwards as AG ? He could sue all the big corporations in the country for being, well, big corporations. That is reason enough for the son-of-a-mill-worker angry class warrior. I'm sure that would do wonders for our economy.



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