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Meet "Fiscally Responsible" Obama

By Da King Published: April 21, 2009

If any of you rightwing extremists (veterans and/or advocates of the U.S. Constitution, according to DHS head Janet Napolitano) or Tea Party protesters (racist, misguided, whining, crazy, unpatriotic people, according to the left) think President Barack Obama is not fiscally responsible, you better think again. Yes, Obama has spent trillions of dollars in three short months and has us on pace for unprecedented levels of deficits and debt.......but it turns out he IS fiscally responsible after all, at least according to...Obama. The President has ordered his cabinet to cut $100 million from it's budget in the next 90 days. As Bloomberg reports:

There is “a confidence gap when it comes to the American people,” Obama told reporters at the White House before his first meeting with his full Cabinet. “They’ve got to feel confident that their dollars are being spent wisely.”

Obama repeated his pledge to scrutinize the budget “line by line” to eliminate wasteful or ineffective programs and contracts. Anticipating critics, he said none of the individual cuts will solve the nation’s fiscal shortfall.

“But taken together, they can make a difference, and they send a signal that we are serious about changing how government operates,” Obama said. “A $100 million there, a $100 million here, pretty soon, even in Washington, it adds up to real money.”

See, naysayers ? Obama is THE MAN when it comes to fiscal responsibility. By cutting a $100 million here and a $100 million there, shoot, pretty soon you're talking about a few hundred million dollars in budget cuts. That's how "serious" Obama is about "changing how government operates." Yes We Can, people ! Yes We Can.

In related fiscal news this week, Obama has announced $5.5 BILLION more spending in bailouts for the auto companies, another $5.7 BILLION in spending to expand Americorps, and $100 BILLION in loans to the International Monetary Fund.

That puts us taxpayers on the hook for another net $110.6 BILLION for the week. And it's only tuesday. THAT'S how "serious" Obama really is about "changing how government operates." THAT'S how serious Obama really is about fiscal responsibility.

Not serious at all.

We have to get rid of this guy before he sells the entire country down the river.




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