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By Da King Published: November 18, 2007


Quote of the week: “There is something profoundly wrong—something that should trouble all of us—when we have elected Democratic officials who seem more worried about how the Bush administration might respond to Iran’s murder of our troops, than about the fact that Iran is murdering our troops.” —Sen. Joe Lieberman

Isn't it great to be an independent, Joe ? Now you can say what you want to say.

Now that the Democratic primaries are over and Hillary is the nominee.....Say what ? They're NOT over yet ? Oh. It seems like they are. Well, just a minor technicality. WHEN Hillary is the nominee, I'm wondering if we want the woman who said the following to be the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF of the US armed forces:

"Despite what I view as your rather extraordinary efforts in your testimony both yesterday and today, I think that the reports that you provide to us really require a willing suspension of disbelief." Hillary Clinton to General Petraeus, September 11th, 2007.

Nothing like calling the troops liars to demonstrate how much you 'support' them, eh ? It's apparent to all now that Petraeus was telling the truth about the progress of the surge in Iraq, and Hillary was the one whose words required the willing suspension of disbelief, as she engaged in pure partisan spin to score political points, (aka standard Democrat procedure). The only thing Hillary has inspired me to do is retch.

Isn't it just perfect that Sandy

Burglar Berger is part of Hillary's campaign team ? The old Clintonistas are coming out of the woodwork, from James Carville to Sidney Blumenthal to Bubba himself. Even more perfect than Burglar's Berger's appearance was Hillary's explanation that Burglar Berger has "no official role in my campaign", whatever the hell that is supposed to mean. I guess Hillary is saying Burglar Berger works for her, but he doesn't do anything. Perfectly reasonable explanation for the Leftmedia, I guess, who will swallow any fantastic whale tale from a Clintonista, including Burglar's Berger's own laughable story that he forgot he stuffed classified documents from the National Archives down his pants and in his socks on multiple occasions. You know, when Republicans did stuff like this, far less than this actually, Nixon ended up resigning over it. When Democrats do it, Burglar Berger gets probation and there isn't even a real investigation. Not that there's a double standard or anything. Nah. It barely even made the newspapers, for god's sake. I guess 9/11 wasn't a big enough news story. Whatever happened to that polygraph Burglar Berger was supposed to take as part of his plea deal, anyway ? He's never taken it, but he's working for Hillary.

Post-partum debate thought: In a righteous world, shouldn't Hillary's head have exploded on the spot when she complained about John Edwards slinging mud at her ? You could have cut the hypocrisy with a knife. Kathleen Willey has just come out with a book about all the mud the Clinton's slung at her, all because Willey had the brazen audacity to come forward and tell people how Bubba the sexual predator accosted her. This is one book the New York Times and the rest of the mainstream media will conveniently ignore. You can bet on it.

Btw, Edwards didn't 'sling mud' at Hillary at all, he gave an accurate description of her issue flip-flopping and an equally accurate description of her as a powerful DC insider (and the audience booed at THE TRUTH). If that's slinging mud, then I guess asking Hillary planted questions about diamonds or pearls is all we have left. Also, even as Hillary complained about Edwards slinging mud, in the SAME SENTENCE she slung mud at Republicans by saying that Edwards tactics were "right out of the Republicans playbook" (no booing from the audience at this actual example of nonspecific mud slinging). It boggles the mind. The fictional narrative of the Clintonistas continues, year XV, with a major assist this time from CNN. If they do any more of these Democratic pseudo-debates, I think the National Enquirer should moderate. They have a tad more journalistic integrity than CNN does. I'd really recommend the next Democratic debate be held by FoxNews, but I hear the powerful presidential wannabee John Edwards breaks out in hives and gets the vapors whenever Fox News is mentioned. They'd have to send his wife to debate in his place.



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