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By Da King Published: October 26, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protestors are frauds. They hold up signs protesting against crony capitalism and the influence of special interests, while at the same time every proposal we hear from them is about redirecting wealth into OWS hands and OWS causes. They aren't against crony capitalism. They are FOR crony capitalism, provided they are the cronies. OWS is a movement with it's hand out. The OWSers ARE lobbyists. They ARE special interests.

The so-called Robin Hood Tax proposed by the OWSers is mis-named (proving for the thousandth time that the OWSers ain't none too bright). As Michelle Malkin points out on her website, Robin Hood stole from the tax man (the government) to give to the poor. Robin stole from Prince John and his IRS agent, the Sheriff Of Nottingham. The OWSers are in effect a pro-government group, advocating for Prince John, in the hopes he will be a generous Prince (the vaunted 'benevolent tyrant') and redistribute stolen taxpayer funds back to the OWSers. That makes the OWSers not only lobbyists, but lobbyists against liberty, who want to use the gun of government to forcibly extract funds from the people who earned them. In a more honest world, the Robin Hood Tax would be called the Sheriff Of Nottingham Tax.

Speaking of honesty, or rather the lack thereof, President Obama called Rick Perry's 20-20 flat tax plan a "giveaway to the rich". How much longer are we going to tolerate Democrats calling it a "giveaway" when people are allowed to keep their own money ??? You can't "give" people something that already belongs to them. If I don't steal my neighbor's television set, I don't pretend that I "gave" him anything, and I certainly don't demonize him because he won't let me steal his television (as Democrats demonize "rich" people). Democrats reinvent language to make things appear the opposite of how they really are. That's how we get a President who says the wealthy don't pay their "fair share", when in fact the wealthy pay the most in taxes. That's also how we get a President who "cuts" income taxes for people who don't pay income taxes in the first place. That's also how what we traditionally call "theft" has been transformed into terms like "redistribution of wealth" and "social justice".

The OWS protestors have been complaining about their belongings being stolen while they are busy marching, shouting at people, and creating a nuisance. Apparently, the OWSers don't like it when "social justice" is used against them. How "greedy" those OWSers are, eh ? I can reinvent language too.

Given recent events in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, it appears the Arab Spring may turn into the Islamist Spring. If so, what was the point of our involvement ?

Why do Democrats believe they can tax and spend the American citizenry into prosperity ? That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

Borrowing money to spend in order to stimulate the economy doesn't stimulate the economy at all. It just delays economic contraction a bit. Such stimulus is like treating a toothache with Anbesol. It gets rid of the pain for the moment, but the tooth problem remains untreated and gets worse. Borrowed stimulus spending may be good to generate some votes on election day, but it actually harms the economy, because the borrowed money must be repaid with interest.

How in the world did we ever get to the point as a nation where the government is spending 46.7% of GDP ($6.9 trillion), we're $14.6 trillion in debt, we have a $1.3 trilion deficit for 2011, we've run up $4.2 trillion in debt since Obama took office...AND OBAMA IS TOURING THE COUNTRY SAYING THE PROBLEM IS THAT WE HAVEN'T SPENT $447 billion more on some cockamamie jobs program that will at best produce a few temp jobs for a year ? What kind of mass psychosis has infected this country when such an unprecedented level of fiscal irresponsibility on the part of the White House is met with anything but jeers and calls for his removal from office ??? Obama's fiscal policy is sheer insanity. This country is literally being eaten by debt, and we can see all across Europe where that leads. There should be bumper stickers on every car in this country that say Anybody But Obama In 2012. It would also be helpful if the mainstream media noticed our enormous fiscal problems, but they'll probably be busy for the next year trying to get Obama re-elected, because, you know,...they like Democrats !!! Unreal. Party over sanity.

VP Joe Biden said he won't rule out running for President in 2016...well, that certainly takes a load off my mind. As if...

There have been approximately 2,400 people arrested at American OWS protests over the last month, not counting yesterday's arrests in Atlanta and Oakland. There have been numerous OWS clashes with the police. I have a question. When is the media going to get all worried about dangerous political rhetoric and the possibility of violence, like they were during the Tea Party protests (where there were ZERO arrests). Anyone ? Anyone ? Buehler ?

The 'Vote No On Issue 2' anti-SB5 ads being run by the group We Are Ohio are possibly the most dishonest political ads I've ever seen in my life, and I don't say that lightly. I've seen lots of dishonest political ads. The citizens of Ohio can't make an informed decision when they are being lied to outright, which I suppose is the whole point of the ads. Baffle 'em with you-know-what. Such a shame.



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