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Missouri Voters Punch Back At ObamaCare Mandate

By Da King Published: August 5, 2010

Missouri voters went to the polls this week to vote on Prop C, the Missouri Health Care Freedom Act. It was a referendum on ObamaCare. Here are the results:

On Tuesday, the people of Missouri spoke. They said NO to Obamacare when they overwhelmingly passed Prop C, the Missouri Health Care Freedom Act. Without regard to the results of any other state and local races placing a checkmark in the "D" or "R" columns, 71% of voters supported Prop C, which means this issue crossed partisan lines.

What is most significant about the vote here in Missouri is that it is the first referendum vote on the health care mandates imposed by the federal government. Other states already have enacted legislation similar to Prop C. Arizona has a referendum vote coming up in November. Forty two states have some type of legislation in progress. Missouri's victory is expected to embolden other states.

SEVENTY ONE PERCENT of Missouri voters oppose the ObamaCare health insurance mandate. I repeat, SEVENTY ONE PERCENT.

That pretty much says it all. There's nothing more for me to add.

Any questions, ObamaCare supporters ?

P.S. - In anticipation of the inevitable 'Missouri is a red state full of Republican wingnuts' drivel that some of my more nefarious liberal commenters would conjure up, I offer the following pre-emptive facts: John McCain did win the state of Missouri over Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election...barely. McCain got 49.4% of the vote. Obama got 49.3% of the vote. It was nearly a dead heat. In addition, Missouri's governor is a Democrat (Jay Nixon), and one of the state's two Senators is a Democrat (Claire McCaskill). In the House Of Representatives, Missouri is represented by four Democrats and five Republicans. Missouri isn't a red state, it's a purple state, which makes the landslide vote against the ObamaCare mandate an even more overwhelming statement.



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