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Moonbat Mania

By Da King Published: October 27, 2007


Adding weight to the theory that far left liberalism is just a case of arrested adolescence, the loons have been acting out and disrupting class more than usual lately. From the bloody hands assault on Condoleeza Rice, to the Code Pink disruption of the Petraeus hearings, to the 'don't tase me, bro' guy, to the shout down of David Horowitz at Emory University, to the 9/11 conspiracy nuts on the Bill Maher show, to the protesters outside of Nancy Pelosi's house, it is clear that the moonbats think freedom of speech means the freedom to interject themselves into any venue at any time. They also think freedom of speech means the freedom to stop any speech that they don't like, which is a very old leftist tune. Just like Chavez in Venezuela nationalizes the radio stations to prevent any anti-Chavez sentiment from being heard on public airwaves, so does the american left propose the (Un)Fairness Doctrine in an attempt to muzzle the conservative dominance of talk radio. Ah, can't you just smell the democracy ? The left touts civil rights, tolerance, and diversity -- but not for you, you nasty conservative devils. You neither, Christians. The left loves the free exchange of ideas, as long as they are all leftist ideas. If you don't believe me, go to the nearest university and find out for yourself. Somehow, our universities can tolerate Islamic fascists like the Iranian president Ahmadinejad, but our universities can't tolerate conservatives like David Horowitz speaking about Islamic fascists like Ahmadinejad. If anyone can find a nugget of sense in that, please explain it to me.

As we can see from the cases of Maher and Pelosi, you don't even have to be anti-liberal to feel the wrath of the moonbats. All you have to do is step out of line on any one tenet of liberal theology. Bill Maher, the moonbat's best TV friend, made the sole mistake of stating the obvious (for once), by saying the 9/11 truth nuts were NUTS. Yeah, no kidding, Mr. Wizard. The next week, the 9/11 truthers were acting up on his show and had to be thrown out. Nancy Pelosi's sin is bigger. She hasn't ended the Iraq war like the Democrats promised they would do if elected in 2006. Apparently, there are people in this country who really believed that San Fran Nan and company would end the war. They didn't realize that was just campaign rhetoric, that most Democrats know we can't just pull up stakes and leave Iraq tomorrow without suffering serious consequences. There isn't even one Democratic presidential candidate with a snowball's chance of getting the nomination who would exit Iraq immediately. You have to sink down to the level of moonbat touchstone Dennis Kucinich to hear that kind of talk, which is why Dennis polls at about 1%. I hear even Kucinich's wife is leaning towards voting for Edwards.

It won't be long until somebody gets hurt in these escalating hissy fits being thrown by liberal lunatics. If their precious little intolerant ears are so offended by conservative speakers and non-liberal speech, I suggest they do what they've been telling conservatives who are offended by pornography or pictures of Jesus in urine to do; don't attend, change the channel, or whatever. For security, I also have a suggestion: tase them all, bro. If the moonbats can't behave like civil human beings, they don't deserve to be treated as such. The communists haven't taken over america yet. Until they do, we all have freedom of speech, not just the ones YOU agree with. Code Pink THIS, you jerks.



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