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Non-Discriminatory Government

By David King Published: February 12, 2013

A couple months ago, I went to see Steven Spielberg's movie, Lincoln. It took place during the last months of the Civil War, when President Abraham Lincoln was trying to get the 13th Amendment to the Constitution passed by Congress in order to outlaw slavery. In the movie, two main principles were elicited that prohibited slavery. They are foundational American principles:

1. Freedom

2. Equal Justice Under The Law.

These principles illustrate why slavery was wrong, and why it is morally wrong to discriminate against any American citizen. The words "Equal Justice Under The Law" are so central to our republic that they are written above the entrance to the Supreme Court Building in Washington D.C.

We are a free people, and the government exists to secure our freedom.

We are a free people, and the government must not institute policies that discriminate against any American citizen.

Does anyone disagree ? Let's hope not.

Sadly, I'm here to maintain today that our government DOES discriminate against American citizens, and that discrimination has become rampant. When people think about discrimination in America today, they are likely to think about things like gay marriage. That IS one way the government discriminates against people. According to Equal Justice Under The Law, the government has no right to discriminate against gay people who wish to marry. It doesn't matter what your personal opinion of gay marriage is, what the opinion of the church is, or what the opinion of the Republican party is. In a legal sense, THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO RIGHT TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST PEOPLE, therefore gay marriage must be legal (this is where I lose the religious right, who will condemn me for being immoral as right-wingers openly advocate in favor of discrimination).

But gay marriage is only the tip of today's institutional governmental discrimination.

Consider the income tax code. Some people pay almost 40%, and others pay nothing. Some people even receive money they didn't earn back from the government. We call this a "progressive" tax rate structure, but it's really discrimination on an epic scale. It's Unequal Justice Under The Law. If we were to establish a non-discriminatory tax code, there would be one rate for everyone with no deductions, exemptions, tax breaks, credits, subsidies, etc. Some folks would howl that such a tax code was "regressive", but what it really would be is fair (this is where i lose liberals, who will accuse me of being a shill for the rich as liberals openly advocate in favor of discrimination).

Thus, we see examples of discrimination across the political spectrum, with the determining factor from each side seeming to be....discrimination is okay as long as the "correct" people are being discriminated against. That's the way the slavemasters thought, and it's  a twist on a classic line from the late, great George Orwell's book, Animal Farm, - "Some pigs are more equal than others".  When you hear talk along these lines, you know you are in the presence of tyrants.

By definition, the bigger and more controlling a government gets, the more our two foundation principles of Freedom and Equal Justice Under The Law go by the wayside. Our federal government is getting very big and ever more controlling.  If you look at the list of 26 tax increases President Obama has instituted since he became President, you will find that most of them are discriminatory. ObamaCare levies special discriminatory taxes on medical device manufacturers and tanning salons, to name but two. There is no justification for such discrimination. How did they arrive at these two "special"  taxes ? By picking businesses to discriminate against out of a hat, or what ?

We also have tons of discriminatory excise taxes in place. The taxes on gasoline, along with the "sin" taxes on cigarettes and alcohol come to mind. A major reason we have a ridiculous 77,000 page tax code is to keep track of all the discriminatory laws contained in it. We've gone way off the rails.

When the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, cast the deciding vote to uphold the discriminatory ObamaCare law (some people get free or subsidized health care, others don't. Some people are taxed, others aren't), he walked into the Supreme Court building where it says, "Equal Justice Under The Law" above the entrance, and then okayed a massive discriminatory law that, in addition to providing unequal justice under the law, also impinges on individual freedom. And Roberts is allegedly a CONSERVATIVE, one of those guys who allegedly believes in the founding principles of the U.S. Constitution. Go figure.

A major contributing factor to the rampant discrimination our government engages in today is something we call "special interests", which Dr. Benjamin Carson referred to as the fourth branch of government in his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. Each special interest wants laws passed to help their special interest (and discriminate against someone else). Our government is very willing to comply, provided the campaign donation checks are big enough, of course, along with a guarantee of a private sector job down the road if the politician should be voted out of office, you see. Tit for tat. Lots of back scratching going on.

WIth Obama, the special interests that are to recieve special favors that discriminate against others are unions, auto companies, minorities, illegal immigrants, Wall Street, green energy companies, etc. The losers in the federal discrimination game are always the same. The losers are the taxpayers, the hard-working people who really make America run. The taxpayers and hard-working people were referred to as "The Forgotten Man" in Amity Shlaes book of the same name. A better description of the taxpayer I've never heard. Democrats in particular act like the taxpayers are little more than a human money tree the Dems can shake whenever they need more cash. Democrats never quite seem to catch on to the fact that they are engaging in discrimination, not to mention thievery.  They are quite tricky, and cast themselves as being benevolent. Obama is so good at the word game that he makes his own discrimination and thievery sound almost saintly.

Because I'm being pretty hard on the Democrats here, I will mention that the Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes, with all the flaws in those systems, are applied equally to all incomes, and are therefore NOT discriminatory. Kudos, Democrats. It's only what happens to the payroll tax money after the taxes are collected that is thievery.

There are too many discriminatory government policies for me to list them all, but in summary, the way to begin evaluating whether a government policy is good or bad is if it, 1) takes away freedom, and/or 2) is discriminatory. If it does either, or both, it is probably a bad policy.

I conclude we have not been doing very well lately. Lots of bad government policy has gone into effect.



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