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Obama 2012: A Campaign Ad About Nothing

By Da King Published: April 6, 2011

President Obama has released his first web ad for the 2012 election campaign, and it's so (yawn) exciting that I can hardly contain myself:

Yes We Can...take a nap. Obama's own supporters don't even sound pumped up about 2012, not that I can blame them. Their little hopey-changey hearts have been broken by their savior. Notice how this ad doesn't tout any Obama accomplishments, and doesn't raise any political issues. I can't believe they actually spent money to produce this coma-inducing pap. Also missing from the ad is Obama himself...hey, now that I think of it, that might be Team Obama's best strategy, because it's going to be a tough road for Obama to defend his actions as President. Let's review:

- Obama added $4 trillion in new federal debt in just over two years.
- Obama proposed a 10-year budget that adds $13 trillion more in new debt.
- We have a $1.6 federal budget deficit for 2011 and are headed toward national bankruptcy. Most state governments are also broke.
- Obama rushed into a war in Libya without knowing who we were supporting. He did it without getting the approval of Congress, as the Constitution requires. He did, however, get the approval of the Arab League,...who I guess is more important that Congress ? Hmmm. I don't recall that in my Constitution.
- Unemployment is 8.8%, officially. Unofficially, that number is much higher. There is a bit of good news in this department, as a decent number of private sector jobs were created the last two months in a row.
- Inflation is rearing it's ugly head, as consumer prices have risen at 5.7% over the last three months. Wages are not keeping pace.
- The price of oil is skyrocketing, while Obama has done next to nothing to increase domestic oil production, and even banned offshore production against the ruling of the courts.
- Obama has broken more campaign promises than I can count.
- We have a record number of people receiving government assistance.
- Obama has adopted so many of the Bush policies that he railed against while running for President that his integrity is in serious question (and that's putting it kindly).
- ObamaCare is an unpopular complicated mess of a program, filled with payoffs to special interests, cronies, and campaign supporters. I talked about one of those in yesterday's post. Today, take a look at how ObamaCare provides a fnancial bonanza for AARP in exchange for that group's support, even though ObamaCare goes against the interests of the senior citizens AARP allegedly represents. Way to sell out, AARP. John McCain was right. Seniors should cut up their AARP cards and throw them in the trash.

I could go on and on listing Obama's epic failings (it's kind of a hobby of mine), but I'll stop here. We shouldn't have expected anything different when we elected a President with little to no experience in so many critical areas, such as business, economics, foreign policy, military, etc. He didn't even have any previous real-world management experience, for god's sake. Obama is our entry-level President, and he's made tons of mistakes, as one would expect.

If I had to pin Obama's 2012 re-election hopes on any one thing, it would be this - Republicans now appear serious about cutting federal spending and changing the trajectory of Obama's Project Economic Apocalypse (O-PEA, for short). This will sound like a positive thing to responsible adults, but Democrats look at domestic spending cuts as fascist baby seal-clubbing resurrections of the Holocaust. Left-brained former Speaker Nancy Pelosi already has GOP budget cuts starving millions of senior citizens to death. Expect lots more of this kind of talk from the left, and from the mainstream media they control. It's pretty much all they have. The left will downplay the debt, deficits, and Obama's Project Economic Apocalypse, and instead focus on how mean those evil Republicans are to cut spending when the nation is $14 trillion in debt (and the left will be SERIOUS. That's the amazing part). They'll probably throw in some allegations of racism by the Republicans for good measure. In other words, the left will do what it always does, even if it means economic ruin for the entire country. I suppose that's a small price to pay if it gets the left into a position of absolute power...don't you agree ?



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