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Obama Aggression Stirs Trouble With Iran, World

By Da King Published: March 16, 2009

The Obama administration, in a unilateral move signaling it's intolerance and hardline attitude toward the Iranian regime, shot down an unmanned Iranian drone plane that had mistakenly ventured into Iraqi airspace. Obama and company were unavailable for comment to questioning reporters, delivering a clear message of disconcern toward critics of the Obama administration's increasingly aggressive policy of confrontation toward Iran. Critics say such policies increase the world nuclear threat and risk destabilization of the entire Middle East.

Yeah, right. Like you're ever going to hear that breaking news. Not a chance.

You will never read the above in an American newspaper. You will never hear the above from the mainstream media. Not because it didn't happen. It DID happen. We DID shoot down an Iranian drone that ventured into Iraqi airspace. That's not even the issue. The media doesn't give a crap about the issue. You will never hear about it because the president is Barack Obama, and he's a Democrat. If the president was George W. Bush, a Republican, the story I outlined above would be written over and over all across the land. It would be headline news. The headline would be something like 'Has Bush Declared War On Iran ?" If you don't believe me, please note that Bristol Palin's breakup with her boyfriend was headline news, as was Meghan McCain's criticism of Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. And seriously, who gives a sh*t about Bristol Palin's boyfriend or Meghan McCain's political views ? Nobody does, but it MAKES REPUBLICANS LOOK BAD, so the media gleefully reports all the salacious details. As for the Obama administration blowing an Iranian plane out of the sky, the media says....WHO CARES ???? I mean, THAT information doesn't benefit Democrats, and it certainly can't be used against Republicans, so it's not really news. It's relegated to a quarter column on page A13, if it's reported at all.

Not that the media is biased or anything.



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