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Obama Campaign Sinks To New Low

By David King Published: August 8, 2012

Just when I thought nothing in the political realm could shock me, something has. I have had very little free time lately, but I had to make some time to report this.

Obama's SuperPAC, Priorities USA, aired a campaign ad that dishonestly and disgustingly blamed Mitt Romney for the death of a woman who died from cancer. This is the most vile campaign ad I've seen in my entire life, and it illustrates the kind of human garbage working for the President. There is NO excuse for airing something so reprehensible and false. Do these people have any morals, any character whatsoever ? It seems not.

Priorities USA is run by Bill Burton, who left his position as an Obama administration insider to run the SuperPAC and help Obama get re-elected.

Here's a CNN segment that explains just how wrong the Obama ad is. It is fundamentally dishonest in so many different ways. It gets the facts completely wrong. Priorities USA knew the facts were completely wrong,...and then they went ahead and slandered Romney with lies anyway:

 What scumbags. 

I went to the Priorities USA website, and among other things, it said the following:

At Priorities USA Action, we believe the stakes for protecting our country’s core values have never been higher...We are committed to the reelection of President Obama and setting the record straight when there are misleading attacks against him and other progressive leaders.

Riiiiiight. SInce when do "our country's core values" include falsely accusing a man of murder ? SInce when does "setting the record straight" on "misleading attacks" include airing the most heinous lies imaginable about Romney ?

More importantly, who do these Obama mudslingers think they are going to fool with this dreck ? There's only one voting demographic I can see responding positively to this garbage - stupid people. If that's who Team Obama is going after, then good job, I guess. The professional liars working for Obama have outdone themselves.

Everyone else should be appalled. These people are monsters.

Update 12:20pm - The big donors to Priorities USA, who have contributed over a million dollars each, include Dreamworks (Hollywood animation studio), SEIU (union), Newsweb Corp (progressive media), Franklin Haney (a real estate magnate who has been indicted and fined numerous times), the Mostyn Law Firm (lawyers and lobbyists), National Air Traffic Controllers Assn (union), and Solil Management (building management firm).




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