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Obama Conjures Election Wedge Issues

By Da King Published: October 13, 2011

After nearly three years of Obama's policies, we know this much - Obama's policies aren't working. Unemployment is still over 9%, despite trillions spent on stimulus measures and three years of deficits in excess of a trillion dollars.

The President has run up $4.2 trillion in debt during his short tenure in office. He has run up about $110 billion in new debt each month he's been in office. That is a staggering amount.

Federal spending has risen by nearly $900 billion per year since 2008, since Obama became President. Government spending at all levels comes to $6.957 trillion, and represents 46.7% of GDP. Government is out of control.

Despite nearly $7 trillion in government spending, despite our unparalleled debt accumulation, President Obama has the gall to go on the campaign trail and say the problem is that he hasn't been able to spend ENOUGH. He's asking for another $450 billion in new stimulus spending, which he calls a jobs act, and he blames the Republicans for not going along with his plan to continue leading this country on a high-speed rail to fiscal destruction. I guess the government's existing $132,000 debt PER TAXPAYER isn't sufficient for our spendthrift President. And then Obama has the incredible arrogance to pretend he is being the righteous one who is looking out for the people (by bankrupting them). By definition, the people cannot be helped by going further into massive debt, by having their future earnings stolen away from them. Obama is not being righteous at all. He's being an irresponsible jerk.

If we lived in a sane country, with a sane media, the President would be tarred and feathered for his loose fiscal policy and his epic wastes of taxpayer money (YOUR money), and nobody would EVER consider re-electing him. Sadly, we don't live in such a country. We live in a country where political smoke and mirrors have left many of us befuddled. There is a segment of our society that actually agrees with Obama, that believes spending trillions of dollars more than we have is a good idea, as long as it provides a temporary bump to the economy, even if it unquestionably harms the economy over the longer term. These poor misguided folks apparently believe the temporary false "stimulus" policies are to continue indefinitely, until the economy magically improves. These beliefs represent the absence of common sense, an inability to accept reality. They believe our economy must be FORCED to attain some pre-determined level they deem appropriate, and if that level doesn't exist, why, we should just PRETEND it does. It's the Peter Pan theory of governance. I used to like to play pretend when I was four years old too, but it's shocking when so-called adults continue in the fantasy.

My question is...can Obama really be dumb enough to believe the snake oil he's selling ? I mean, the guy graduated from Harvard. He can't be this clueless, can he ???

My conclusion, Obama is not this clueless...but he thinks you are. And thus the title of this blog post.

Obama knows his stimulus/jobs bill won't provide any lasting stimulus or lasting jobs. He knows this because he already saw the effects of Stimulus I. But Peter Pan wants to keep his fantasy alive until after the 2012 elections. That's also why Obama's Lost Boys are creating an unsanitary nuisance down on Wall Street, as they demand free stuff just because they WANT free stuff. Peter Pan has convinced them that the reason they can't have all the free stuff they want is because the rich don't pay their "fair share" in taxes, which is an outright lie. Of course, Obama doesn't care if it's a lie or not, because Peter Pan needs an evil Captain Hook to battle, and the "rich" fill the bill as the Neverland villain in Obama's re-election morality play. If you doubt whether the Occupy Wall Street movement is about the 2012 elections, ask yourself why those protesters weren't down on Wall Street back when the bailouts and financial crisis were happening at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009. That's when the grassroots Tea Party movement happened. No, Obama's Lost Boys only show up three years later in time for presidential campaign season. What a coincidence !!!

There is a cure to the fantasy Neverland games of Peter Obama Pan and his Lost Boys. The cure is the truth. And the truth is, if we taxed all the millionaires in the country at 100%, it still wouldn't be enough to fund the existing government..and the ObamaCare mandate hasn't even taken effect yet, which is going to drive spending much higher. That's another reality the fantasy pushers won't fess up to.

I leave you with ten minutes of actual coherent problem-recognition and problem-solving policy as presented by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). Contrast this with Obama's irresponsible divide-the-nation-and-conquer Neverland non-leadership. Ryan is light years ahead of Obama on economic matters. This video is well worth watching.

If you're not familiar with Reinhart and Rogoff's This Time Is Different, it's about how too much debt prevents the economy from growing, and it represents our future unless we change course.



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