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Obama Looking For A Way Out

By David King Published: September 12, 2013

After bungling Middle East policy for 4 1/2 years on nearly every front, President Obama has been looking for a way out of his "red lines" tough talk about Syrian President Bashar Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons. That's why Obama switched course and decided he wanted Congress to vote on a Syrian attack after first saying he didn't need a vote. That's why Obama had Secretary Of State Lurch and others downplay the size of the attack. That's why Obama even went as far as saying it was somebody else who spouted that tough talk about "red lines", not him. Unfortunately for our President, we have cameras and recording devices that prove it was indeed Obama (Curses. Foiled again !)

It became even more obvious that Obama was looking for a way out following his speech about Syria. In a nutshell, the President said it is a moral imperative for the United States to act against Assad...and that's why we won't. Obama wants Congress to delay it's vote on attacking Syria, and he wants to pursue the laughable Russian proposal instead, where Assad would supposedly hand over the chemical weapons that Assad claims he doesn't have. Good one. That proposal has "con job" written all over it.

Enter Obama's faithful rodeo clowns, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Their latest spin is that the Russian proposal only exists because of Obama's intestinal fortitude. Pelosi said, "Thanks to Pres. Obama's strength, we have a Russian proposal. We hope that it is credible and real, and therefore progress."

Thanks Nan, but in reality, the Russian proposal exists because of an offhand comment from Secretary Lurch that gave Syria a way out, which the Russians, not the Obama administration, proposed to Syria. Syria jumped all over the transparent dodge. If the proposal goes forward, Assad could easily hand over a few canisters of Sarin and declare he has surrendered his chemical weapons arsenal, while keeping a secret chemical arsenal tucked safely away elsewhere. It's like the teenage driver who gets stopped by the cops with a joint in his ashtray. When the cops ask the teen if he has any more pot, the teen says "no". He never mentions the ounce of weed under his seat. Unlike the Obama administration, the cops are not usually so easily fooled. The cops search the car, but I guarantee you the Obama administration will not search...Syria. (alright, Syria, out of the car !!! Frisk 'em, boys).

But if it keeps the American military out of Syria, what the heck, I'll play along...Obama's a GENIUS !!! This is a diplomatic masterstroke !!! That's the ticket !!!

Stay tuned next week for a new episode of the Obama Pratfalls, where our President pretends he will stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.



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