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All Da King's Men

New Year Looking Up Already

By Da King Published: December 31, 2010

I'm optimistic about the coming year in poltiics, if for no other reason much worse can things get ??? The last two-three years have been a disaster.

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Economic Lunacy - Part III

By Da King Published: December 28, 2010

We've heard the word 'radical' tossed around a lot by the mainstream media the last couple years, usually in the context of 'those radical Tea Partiers.' Mmm-hmm.

Well, here's what is radical to me. From

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Economic Lunacy - Part II

By Da King Published: December 27, 2010

In my first post on Economic Lunacy, I showed how the government grows progressively larger and larger, consuming ever more of our economy and eating away ever more of our paychecks. For the last century, government spending and taxes have skyrocketed, with no end in sight. It's no coincidence that so many families now require two breadwinners to survive. Not so very long ago, one breadwinner was enough. As I showed previously, in spite of skyrocketing taxes for the last century, those taxes could not keep up with government spending. As we all know, if the government doesn't have enough money, it keeps right on spending anyway, either by borrowing the money or printing more money. Starving the beast has not worked, because the beast has it's own printing press. Therefore, we must slay the beast.

Liberal media sources keep promoting the lie that taxes are lower than they have been since 1950. Here is one such lie from MSN Money. My blogger pal The Reverend buys into this lie, I'm sad to report. These liberal groups promote their lie by only counting SOME of the taxes we all pay as taxes. It's hard to believe anyone would be so dishonest, but that's what they do. At the previous link, MSN Money doesn't count the Social Security payroll tax as a tax. The SS tax is 12.4%. That's an awful lot to omit. MSN Money's logo should be a picture of Pinocchio.

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The Night Before Liberal Christmas

By Da King Published: December 25, 2010

To my liberal friends: Please accept my best wishes for a politically correct winter solstice holiday (and I hope you aren't offended by the above photo. If you are, get over yourself).
To everyone else: Merry Christmas.

The Night Before Liberal Christmas

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Economic Lunacy

By Da King Published: December 23, 2010

"Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have...The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases." - Thomas Jefferson

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Irony Of The Year

By Da King Published: December 21, 2010

This post is about Julian Assange, not Valerie Plame or Nicole Kidman. The above photo is supposed to be of Assange, but then I realized I'd rather look at Plame and Kidman than Assange's bloodless mug. It's a matter of blog aesthetics, but I do have a justification. Plame and Assange both have to do with things being outed, (as does Don't Ask Don't Tell), and Kidman is supposed to play Plame in a movie. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

Now for today's story:

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Great Britain's Disappearing Snow ?

By Da King Published: December 20, 2010

Back in 2000, here's what the top global warming experts predicted for the UK:

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World May End On Tuesday...Or Not

By Da King Published: December 19, 2010

When Senate Majority Leader Harry "the war is lost" Reid (D-Las Vegas) realized the war was lost regarding passage of the Dems $1.2 trillion pork-filled omnibus spending bill (the Party Of No said 'NO!'), he had to pull the bill.

When Senate Majority Leader Harry "the war is lost" Reid (D-AQI) got the Food Safety Bill passed by a wide margin two weeks ago, he hailed it as a grand achievement, and Senate Democrats sent out press releases trumpeting their glorious achievement (was our food previously UNSAFE ? Who knew ?)....until members of the House Of Representatives reminded loser Reid that Article I Section 7 of the Constitution requires tax increase measures to be initiated by the House. Section 107 of the Food Safety bill raises taxes in the form of fees. Oops. The Food Safety bill might now be dead in the lame duck water. Democrats sure have problems with that Constitution thingy, don't they ? Rather odd for Senators who swear to uphold the Constitution when they are sworn into office. You'd think they might give the Constitution a peek. It's only 17 pages long.

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Venezuela: Socialist Paradise

By Da King Published: December 18, 2010

This post is for all you statists who think the government should be able to force the people to do whatever the government thinks is best, whether it is constitutional or not.

The Venezuelan Congress granted President Hugo Chavez the right to enact laws by decree, according to the Washington Post:

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Omnibus Bill: Congress Lame To The Bitter End

By Da King Published: December 16, 2010

A recent Gallup poll showed Congress had only a 13% approval rating.

I am shocked. 13% actually approve of Congress ??? Who are these people ??? Have they been living under rocks ???

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ObamaCare Mandate Ruled Unconstitutional

By Da King Published: December 14, 2010

Government tyranny has been staved off for a bit longer, as Federal Judge Henry E. Hudson ruled the ObamaCare mandate is unconstitutional. The mandate would have forced all Americans to purchase private health insurance or pay a fine, a clear perversion of the Commerce Clause, which states Congress shall have the power "to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes."

Getting right to the heart of the matter:

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Fed Study - Stimulus Spending Created No Jobs

By Da King Published: December 12, 2010

I have argued repeatedly that the problem with President Obama's 2009 stimulus package (ARRA) was that it borrowed $814 billion to create a bunch of temporary jobs. When those temp jobs ended, America would be left with no net job creation, along with a huge bill for the taxpayers, making Obama's stimulus a huge negative economic event overall.

The Federal Reserve Bank Of San Francisco recently completed a study of the stimulus package, which analyzes the effects of the spending portion of the stimulus package on job creation. It does not address the tax cut portion of the stimulus. Here is the Fed's conclusion:

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Maybe Obama IS Smarter

By Da King Published: December 11, 2010

Liberal Democrats are throwing major hissy fits over President Obama's so-called tax cut deal with Republicans. Meanwhile, most Republicans appear to be tentatively supportive of the deal.

My question is, why is either side taking it's positions ? Let's look at the tax cut deal from a purely political viewpoint. I'll try to put my own opinions aside (mostly).

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Give Us Your Money

By Da King Published: December 8, 2010

Above is a picture of Nancy Pelosi's face after she found out President Obama agreed to a two-year extension of the Bush tax cuts.

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Deficit Commission Crashes And Burns

By Da King Published: December 3, 2010

President Obama announced the formation of a deficit commission last february to address the federal government's addiction to spending tons more money than it takes in. This addiction has become so serious that we now have annual deficits over a trillion dollars and a federal debt of $14 trillion. The addiction is so serious that we haven't had a Democrat-controlled Congress balance the budget since 1969, even though the Democrats have been in control of the federal purse strings for the majority of the time since then. You never hear about that from the mainstream media, do you ??? The last responsible Congress we had was the Republicans in the 1990's, which led to three balanced budgets (sorta), the last one being in 2000.

Yesterday, we learned the deficit commission has been a waste of time, because the deficit commission will reject it's own recommendations, according to Jake Tapper of ABC News. The deficit drug addicts are still mugging the rest of us for our cash, and our ship of state is still a ship of fools:

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