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Obama Rides High Into Power

By Da King Published: November 5, 2008

Barack Obama - 52%
John McCain - 46%

The anti-Bush backlash is complete. Barack Obama (D-IL) will become the 44th president of the United States of America, and take with him solid Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress (as of now, 54-44-2 in the Senate, and 248-187-1 in the House Of Representatives). This gives Democrats a level of governmental power not seen since the days of Jimmy Carter. For the sake of our country, I sincerely hope this Democratic rule works out better than the disaster of the Carter years. It may seem to many that there is nowhere to go but up following 8 years of George W. Bush. That is not the case. In the past, things have been much worse than they are right now. Which direction this country takes under an Obama presidency remains to be seen, but I pray that God grants our new president the wisdom to make positive change. Though it seems Barack Obama and myself could hardly be further apart in political ideology, I don't want him to fail so I can prove some ideological point. I want him to succeed, for the good of our country and citizens.

From a historical viewpoint, Obama's win is phenomenal. I'm old enough to remember the civil rights struggles of the 1960's. An Obama presidency would not have been possible back in those days, when racism was still prevalent and institutionalized. That we can now elect a black man to the highest office in the land serves as witness to how far we have traveled away from that wicked path. Dr. Martin Luther King's dream was realized in voting booths across the nation yesterday. There was no Bradley Effect, as many had anticipated. I never believed there would be one. I never believed race would be a significant or determining factor in this election. In fact, I think there was probably a negative Bradley Effect. If anything, Obama's race worked to his advantage. That was a long time coming too.

The central question I have about Barack Obama is - How will he govern ? Is the real Obama the man with the most liberal voting record in the Senate, the one who ran to the left in the Democratic primaries, the one with the far left extremist friends, or is the real Obama the one we saw in the general election, a more centrist leader who reaches across the aisle for bipartisan solutions ? The answer to that question remains to be seen, but we will surely find out. I hope for the latter, and I fear the former.

P.S. - What the heck is going on in Minnesota ? First they elected a professional wrestler as their governor, and now the comedian Al Franken could actually win a Senate seat. Words fail me.



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