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Occupy Movement...Literally

By Da King Published: March 22, 2012

Now that nice weather has returned, the Occupy Wall Street crazies are ba-ack...and crazier than ever.


The NYPD released surveillance video Wednesday night detailing some stinky business they say is linked to Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Police said that on evening of March 14, a number of Occupy demonstrators dragged large quantities of human urine and feces in containers to an open-air plaza before pouring the waste down a flight of stairs.

The incident occurred at the corner of Nassau and Cedar streets in Lower Manhattan.

Authorities said that that same night, about 20 minutes later, one of the suspects entered a Chase ATM vestibule on Water Street and poured human waste inside.

A real class act, those Occupiers.

Then there's this crazy shirtless Occupier ranting on top of the George Washington statue in Union Square.

We must up to about 5,000-6,000 or more arrests of Occupiers by now, so...please tell me again how the peaceful, law-abiding Tea Party was the dangerous and crazy movement, liberals. I love fiction.

No word on when President Obama is going to condemn the violent, law-breaking Occupiers...LOL.



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