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Olbermann Suspended For Ethics Violations...Ethics ? What Stinkin' Ethics ?

By Da King Published: November 6, 2010

When I first heard MSNBC had suspended Keith Olbermann indefinitely for ethics violations because Olbermann donated some money to the political campaigns of Democrats, I thought I was reading a fake news story from the Onion News Network. This had to be a joke. When I realized it was real, I wondered - why is MSNBC suddenly concerned with Olbermann's ethics now, after all the ethics-free years Olby has already spent at MSNBC ? I thought perhaps MSNBC executives had watched MSNBC's unprofessional and biased election coverage tuesday night, in which MSNBC got hammered in the ratings as usual (Fox News was the highest rated station with 7 million viewers. MSNBC was in last place with 2 million), and decided maybe it was time to pull the plug on it's Olbermann-led masturbatory liberal nighttime funhouse.

Then I realized that wasn't it at all. The truth was something far more bizarre and Onionesque - MSNBC ACTUALLY BELIEVES OLBERMANN IS A JOURNALIST, and is trying to hold him to (lol) journalistic standards. Here is MSNBC's stated policy on it's "journalists" donating to political campaigns:

" employees who take part in civic or other outside activities, including participation in political campaigns or public events such as speeches, marches and political rallies, or who publicly espouse controversial positions, may find that these activities jeopardize their standing as objective journalists. employees should report any such potential conflicts in advance to, and obtain the prior approval of, the Editor in Chief or his designee.

"If a contribution, monetary or otherwise, to a candidate or group with a political or social agenda could create the appearance of a conflict of interest due to the employee’s responsibilities at, the contribution must receive the prior approval of the section Executive Producer or Editor in Chief

Categorizing Olbermann as an "objective journalist" or worrying about his "appearance of a conflict of interest" is just too much for this blogger to bear. Despite Olbermann's own self-delusion that he is the second coming of Edward R. Murrow, everyone else knows the words "objective" and "journalist" have no relationship whatsoever to Olbermann's nightly MSNBC left-wingathon. Olbermann's SOLE raison d'etre at MSNBC is to beat down conservatives and raise up liberals. He is the very antithesis of "objective." The same is true of ALL his fellow nighttime MSNBC cohorts, so where is this treasured objectivity and journalistic integrity of which MSNBC executives speak ? It's a joke.

Let's use the example of tuesday night's election coverage. MSNBC's coverage consisted of wall-to-wall liberals, from Olbermann to Rachel Maddow to Lawrence O'Donnell to Ed Schultz to Chris Matthews to Eugene Robinson. MSNBC's coverage represented the full spectrum of intellectual political diversity, ranging from left-wing to far left-wing. I hope I'm not leaving any lefties out, but lefty commentary (if you can even call it commentary) was all you heard at MSNBC on election night. Fox News, on the other hand, (who is soooo biased according to MSNBC), offered analysis from across the political spectrum. Fox handed the reins to daytime anchors Megyn Kelly and Brett Baier, and had on a variety of Democrat and liberal commentors, from Alan Colmes to Bob Beckel to Doug Schoen to Juan Williams to Kirsten Powers and others. Fox News was fair and balanced. MSNBC aired a liberal wall-of-sound with segments like Lawrence O'Donnell saying Rand Paul's election to the Senate from Kentucky could trigger a global financial collapse and armageddon. If you think I'm kidding, watch the video at the above link. I'm not kidding. Olbermann compared the Republican victory to a toxic substance that would bore down and eat away the earth's core. Chris Matthews was openly mocking GOP Rep. Michelle Bachmann on-air as the rest of the juvenile MSNBC ass-clowns snickered in the background. Maddow objected to Bachmann's inference that Matthews and MSNBC were in the tank for Obama (say it ain't so !!!!!), because while Matthews was mocking Bachmann and asking her repeatedly if she was in a trance, Bachmann mocked him right back, saying that the tingle in Matthews' leg probably wasn't so strong on a night of GOP victories. The bias of MSNBC's election coverage was absolute, as is the bias of MSNBC's political coverage every other night.

Thus, MSNBC suspending Olbermann for the appearance of a conflict of interest over a few campaign donations is ludicrous. Everyone in America already knows Olby is in the tank for liberals. It's not exactly a secret. Here's the kicker - MSNBC offered Olby's job to liberal Chris Hayes, editor of the left-wing Nation magazine. They picked another in-the-tank lefty to replace an in-the-tank lefty. Love that "objective journalistic integrity" over at MSNBC. Then MSNBC found out Hayes had also donated to the campaigns of Democrats, and they withdrew the offer. It's so weird. MSNBC hires people who ARE openly partisan and biased....but they don't want those same people to SEEM partisan and biased by giving money to Democrats. The substance of it's commentators doesn't matter to MSNBC, but the appearance does matter. It's absurd. MSNBC should dispense with the pretense, just admit what they are, and get on with it. That's what they'd do if they had any, um,...integrity.

Just in case Olby the journalistic giant (ass) doesn't return, here's a very brief tribute. I'd give him a longer tribute, but he doesn't deserve one:

Yeah, good night and good luck. Olby thinks that catchphrase makes him exactly like his hero Murrow, which is just one more thing for Olbermann to be wrong about. Don't let the door hit you in the backside, you imperious, smug, self-righteous hack.



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