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Omnibus Bill: Congress Lame To The Bitter End

By Da King Published: December 16, 2010

A recent Gallup poll showed Congress had only a 13% approval rating.

I am shocked. 13% actually approve of Congress ??? Who are these people ??? Have they been living under rocks ???

This is a Congress that increased federal spending by trillions during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Tax revenue will have to go to it's highest level in American history to pay for all the government spending unless the spending is reversed.

This is a Congress that passed PAYGO legislation requiring any new government spending to be paid for. That is responsible legislation, but the same Congress that passed PAYGO spent the rest of it's session totally ignoring PAYGO. We have the largest dollar deficits in American history, by far.

This is a Congress that passed 1,000-2,000+ page bills that nobody in Congress read and nobody understood. As Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi so infamously said about ObamaCare, "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what's in it." A 2,000+ page financial regulation bill was passed that has scores of unlimited and undefined new powers given to the government. Those new powers will be determined at some later date without any further legislative input. They might as well have called the bill the Government Can Do Whatever It Wants bill.

This is a Congress that couldn't be bothered to deal with the expiring Bush tax cuts until the very last minute, thereby keeping people and businesses all across the country in a state of uncertainty in this economic downturn. Thanks for nothing, Congress.

This is a Congress that couldn't even be bothered to do it's most basic legislative duty and pass a federal budget. The budget was due on October 1, 2010, two and a half months ago.

And now, at the eleventh hour, this Democrat-led Congress has given one final middle finger salute to the country with the announcement of a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill filled with over 6,000 earmarks. The nearly 2,000 page bill was written behind closed doors by six Congress critters, was announced on tuesday, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants it to be voted upon on SATURDAY, with only three days in between left for reading the bill. If that happened, it would be yet another enormous bill passed that nobody read and nobody understood.

You may remember, about two weeks ago, the majority of Republicans voted for a temporary earmark ban, and the majority of Democrats voted against it, causing it to be defeated in the Senate by a 56-39 vote. Now you know why the Democrats voted against it. They wanted to push one final pork-fest through their final lame duck session. The pork in the omnibus spending bill is estimated to cost the taxpayers $8 billion, though I'm fairly certain that figure will rise as more pork is found crammed into the bill as the Senators' aides actually read it. Senators are too busy to read the bills they vote upon themselves.

In perusing a list of the earmarks by Senator's name, what stuck out immediately was the fact that the two biggest porkers were Republicans, Sen. Thad Cochran and Sen. Roger Wicker, both from Mississippi (the next 17 biggest porkers were all Democrats). These guys must have missed november's election results, along with their own votes to temporarily ban earmarks (unless by 'temporary," they meant 'for two weeks.') In fairness to Cochran, he did vote against the temporary earmark ban, unlike so many of his hypocritical GOP brethren who voted for it while leaving their own earmarks in the omnibus bill. If they were inserted prior to the earmark ban vote, then those Republicans who voted for the ban should pull their earmarks from the omnibus bill. We'll have to wait to see if they do. If they don't, I hope Fox News, conservative talk radio, and the blogosphere outs every single one of them, as I'm sure they will. Bill Hemmer of Fox News already called out Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) for his hypocrisy on the issue. Cornyn has 45 earmarks in the omnibus spending bill. On Hemmer's show, Cornyn tried to say he was for an earmark moratorium, but said his own earmarks were "individually defensible." Jerk.

Overall, the GOP is in revolt over the bill. New House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said if President Obama is serious about supporting the earmark moratorium, as the President said he was last month, then he should threaten to veto the bill unless the earmarks are removed.

Don't count on that happening. Despite Obama's own words (which apparently DON'T matter), the White House appears more interested in political blackmail than reform. Here's what we have heard from the White House so far:

The White House says the Omnibus spending bill in Congress is "not great" but "beats a year-long Continuing Resolution" even while the earmarks included in the bill would mean the president would have to back off his statements that he would not sign a bill with so-called "pork."

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been the most outspoken administration member of the bill, saying a Continuing Resolution, or CR, would actually hamper defense efforts world-wide. "I don't much like the earmarks either," Gates said at the White House briefing Thursday. "But, I have to look at the alternative. A year-long continuing resolution would be a $19 billion cut in the budget."

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs reiterated the president's position on the earmarks in the bill, saying the president would prefer legislation that does not include earmarks, but with funding for the federal government set to run-out on Saturday, it appears the administration may have to take what the Senate is offering.

Got that ? Poor Obama has no choice but to sign the porky spending bill, because, golly gee, the poor widdle government is gonna run out of money, and oh no!, we might have to cut the budget by $19 billion (shriek!), so now we have to put the taxpayers on the hook for another $8 billion in pork, because, gosh darn it to heck, there's just no other choice.

And if you believe that, I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you. The truth is, the Dems waited until the very last minute to propose the omnibus spending bill BECAUSE they could frame the conversation this way, and because they hoped they could have very limited debate about it as the deadline approaches. Remember, Congress has had the entire year to produce a budget for 2011 and didn't do it. This White House and this Congress WANT to spend as much taxpayer money as they possibly can before this Congress is out the door. They fear the next Congress will make it much harder, as I hope to hell they do.

All I can say about these lame ducks is - good riddance to bad rubbish. I hate you.

And who are the 13% who approve of this behavior ? I suggest drug testing.



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