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On The Origin Of Species

By Da King Published: April 21, 2008

orion nebula

I've been hearing a lot of discussion about evolution and God lately. Much of it has been coming from atheists (Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, the smirking moron Bill Maher). Some, like Maher, apparently feel the need to speak up and ridicule the Pope, who is in america preaching the Christian ethic of love and brotherhood (the pervert !). Since the vast majority of atheists seem to be liberal politically, for whatever reason, I find their motives curious. I mean, would liberals ridicule Martin Luther King's civil rights message today simply because King held a steadfast belief in God ? I don't think they would. I don't think they did in the 60's either. Yet these same people gleefully and maliciously trash the world's pre-eminent Catholic figurehead. Maher said the Pope "used to be a Nazi" (false) and called the Catholic church "a child-abusing religious cult" (false). There are about a billion Catholics in the world. They aren't child-abusers, but the smirking moron Maher doesn't mind offending every one of them. Worst of all, when Maher is called out for his hatemongering, he pretends he was just joking, which he wasn't. Coward. Maher has also slipped under the covers with some pretty strange bedfellows here, like the anti-Catholic televangelist John Hagee, who has called the Catholic church "a false cult system" and "the great whore" (I don't even understand that reference. Does it have to do with the Virgin Mary ?). There are crazies on the political right too. Hagee endorsed John McCain, an endorsement McCain now wishes he had renounced rather than welcomed.

I don't understand strident atheism. How can one be so forceful about a belief in nothing ? Albert Einstein once said atheism wasn't a belief system, it was the abscence of a belief system. While I perfectly understand agnosticism, which says "I doubt, I don't know", atheism attempts to close the book on God. An earthling is wholly incapable of closing that book. It's beyond our capability. Seeing as how we are an infinitesimal speck in the grand scheme of the universe, the enormous presumptuousness of the individual atheist makes me want to burst out in laughter. All it takes for me to discard atheism is to walk outside and observe the grandeur of nature. The awesomeness of creation alone gets my mind to wondering about a higher power. I have always thought it rather logical that creation implies a creator. What I find absolutely illogical is the idea that all this happened by some random collision of atoms, some cosmic accident. That notion brings to mind the odds of putting a chimpanzee in front of a typewriter and hoping he randomly types the collected works of Shakespeare. I wouldn't bet on it. Even on the remote chance that this is all the result of random atom collisions, where did the atoms come from ? If the universe was created by a Big Bang (a reasonable theory), what caused the Bang ? And furthermore, how did the Bang result in LIFE ?

Aha ! The atheist will then explain Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution (another reasonable theory) to the backward God-squadders who are still living in caves and rubbing sticks together to make fire. Darwin's theory tells us how life evolved from single-celled creatures all the way up to human beings over millions of years here on earth. The problem is, Darwin's theory doesn't tell us how life began. It doesn't even try to. Even Darwin admitted he couldn't answer that one, and neither can the eminent atheist and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, author of the book 'The God Delusion'. When Dawkins is asked how life began, as Ben Stein asked him in Stein's movie 'Expelled" (I haven't seen the movie, but I've read reviews), Dawkins says he doesn't know, and then he starts talking about extraterrestrials seeding life here on earth. Of course, Dawkins has no evidence of this, but even if we were to make that leap of faith with him, it would only beg the question, who created the extraterrestrials ? And on and on it goes. There is another problem with using evolution as the explanation for how life began on earth. The fossil record itself doesn't really support the notion. Rather than the slow, steady transmutation from one species into another over the course of millions of years that you'd expect to see in a purely evolutionary world, the fossil record instead appears to show the sudden arrival of all kinds of different complex species at roughly the same time. This is known as the Cambrian explosion.

In conclusion, atheists, before you go around parading your "superiority" and ridiculing those who think differently than you, just please admit that you have no idea what you're talking about. It's just your opinion, which is worth no more than anyone else's opinion. I'd suggest a little of that alleged liberal tolerance, love of free speech, and promotion of diversity is in order. Ditto for you believers in religion, of course. It's live and let live (as long as your religion isn't trying to crash planes into buildings or strap bombs to teenagers). Peace out. God is great.



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