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Oops ! Pre-existing Conditions For Children Not Covered

By Da King Published: March 24, 2010

Now that ObamaCare has passed, we will, as Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said, find out what's in it.

Here's one thing that isn't - coverage for children with pre-existing conditions. From the Associated Press:

Obama made better coverage for children a centerpiece of his health care remake, but it turns out the letter of the law provided a less-than-complete guarantee that kids with health problems would not be shut out of coverage.

Under the new law, insurance companies still would be able to refuse new coverage to children because of a pre-existing medical problem, said Karen Lightfoot, spokeswoman for the House Energy and Commerce Committee, one of the main congressional panels that wrote the bill Obama signed into law Tuesday.

Oops. This puts egg on the President's face, especially after he kept telling us every argument had been made about health care reform, and blah, blah, blah. The Prez also said this a few days ago:

"This is a patient's bill of rights on steroids," the president said Friday at George Mason University in Virginia. "Starting this year, thousands of uninsured Americans with pre-existing conditions will be able to purchase health insurance, some for the very first time. Starting this year, insurance companies will be banned forever from denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions."

Looks like more "fixes" are needed.

It also appears that congressional staffers will be exempted from the mandate that all Americans purchase health insurance. How did this happen ?

House GOP aides and the non-partisan Congressional Research Service believe health care legislation passed this week requires lawmakers to enroll in government-run insurance programs -- while exempting leadership staffers, many of whom were instrumental in crafting the bill.

Top staffers buzzed yesterday on an off-the-record Capitol Hill list-serv, citing the part of the mammoth legislation that deals with members of Congress. The federal government can only make available to members and their official staffs health plans created by the bill or offered through an exchange.

But a member's staff, in a subsection of the bill, is defined as "full-time and part-time employees employed by the official office of a Member of Congress, whether in Washington, DC or outside of Washington, DC." CRS has interpreted that clause to mean the bill applies only to a personal office, not to committee staff or leadership staff.

Remember, they are your rulers, you are the peons. The rules don't apply to them, because they are extra-special people.

Next up, those GOP "obstructionists" are still trying to derail ObamaCare, and here's one of their tactics - they are trying to get the Democrats to go along with an amendment to ban sex offenders from obtaining Viagra through ObamaCare. You couldn't make this story up:

Democrats in the Senate say they are so committed to passing the House's version of health care reconciliation fixes verbatim, that they are willing to vote against even the most alluring and unobjectionable of amendments -- from legislation banning Viagra for sex offenders to language adding the long-elusive public option.

The idea is that by securing even a slight adjustment in the language, the Senate will have to send the bill back to the House of Representatives for reconsideration. Drawing out the process makes it more likely for it to be tripped up.

On Tuesday, the GOP put its strategy into action, with Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okl.) introducing an amendment beyond agreeable. Titled "No Erectile Dysfunction Drugs To Sex Offenders" it would literally prohibit convicted child molesters, rapists, and sex offenders from getting erectile dysfunction medication from their health care providers.
While it will undoubtedly be difficult for Democrats to vote against the measure (one can conjure up the campaign ads already), the party plans to do just that.

"Democrats in the Senate are very unified that this is not going back to the House," Sen. Wyden (D-Ore.) told the Huffington Post on Tuesday, minutes before the Coburn amendment was introduced.

Are Democrats prepared to vote in favor of giving Viagra to sex offenders in order to avoid sending the ObamaCare bill back to the House for a re-vote ? It seems so. Tricky sob's, those GOP'ers. I can already see the campaign ads come november....why did Harry Reid vote to give erections to child rapists ? Ah, politics. But again, it seems not EVERY argument has been made about ObamaCare. There are still a few, um, boners left in the bill. I'm also wondering why ObamaCare would pay for Viagra for anyone at all. Seems like a waste of taxpayer dollars. Maybe the Dems will make the argument that 40,000 Americans die every year without hard-on pills. Stay tuned.

For the final stop on today's crazy train, House Judiciary Chairman John Dingell (D-Mich) was asked what gives Congress the constitutional authority to force Americans to buy health insurance. Dingell's's the "Good And Welfare Clause and a couple others" in the Constitution that gives Congress the authority. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the "Good And Welfare Clause" in the U.S. Constitution. Keep in mind that Dingell is the chair of the JUDICIARY Committee. You'd think a guy like that would have at least a passing knowledge of the Constitution he swore to uphold, but apparently not.

With leadership like this, I'm not surprised that a recent Fox News poll found that 79% of Americans think our economy could collapse. I only wonder what the other 21% are thinking. Wait a second. Don't about 21% of Americans identify themselves as liberals ? Okay, now I get it. Those are the folks who think money grows on money trees, and the money trees are all located in rich people's backyards behind big iron gates where the poor can't get at them...and the Democrats exist to pick the money from the trees of the rich to give to the poor. It's a simple philosophy. Really simple.



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