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Ordinary People, Undecided Voters

By Da King Published: November 27, 2007


The CNN Democratic presidential debate was a highly choreographed, controlled, and censored setup masquerading as free and open inquiry. The section of the debate where the "public" got to ask questions of the candidates was the phoniest part. The public, introduced by Wolf Blitzer as "ordinary people" and "undecided voters", was a collection of Democratic activists representing various factions of the Democratic party. Check out the following links for the details about who these people were. None of them was identified as to who they really were.

CNN plant link #1

CNN video plant link #2

So, we had a former intern for Harry Reid (who asked Hillary that difficult 'diamonds or pearls' question), an anti-war activist, a Muslim activist, the director of the Arkansas Democratic party, an immigration activist, and a union worker who it appeared Obama already knew. These are the "regular" people CNN randomly plucked from the audience. Any questions ?

Now you know why the Democrats debate on CNN or MSNBC instead of Fox News. On Fox, they might be asked real questions instead of pre-screened softballs coming from their friends.

Not that there is any liberal media bias. Gosh no.

Now that CNN has been exposed, though not by any of the crackerjack mainstream media outlets (not that the MSM has any liberal bias. Gosh no), I wonder how the sorriest excuse for a political team on television over at CNN will handle the GOP presidential debate they are moderating on wednesday night. Will only Republican operatives be allowed to ask questions, as in the Democratic debate ? They almost have to do it that way, since the blogosphere has busted CNN's shilling for the Democrats. If CNN does anything else now, they may have to register as a Democratic fundraising and campaigning organization, not that I ever suspected them of being anything else.



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