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Our Incompetent And Embarassing Government

By Da King Published: May 5, 2008


President George W. Bush says the economic stimulus checks will help you peons (formerly known as 'americans', formerly know as 'free').

And he's right, they will.

For maybe a month or so.

Then we are right back where we started, only worse off and deeper in debt. It isn't just Bush doing this type of thing either. The Democrats love the stimulus checks and are asking for yet more freebie government interventions (that aren't free) for the public, before the impact of the first round is even measured. Yes sir, it's an election year, and pandering season is open. Let's shoot everything responsible in sight.

The stimulus checks are NOT paid for. We don't seem to pay for much of anything since GWB became president (or for the vast majority of the last 45 years either). We are the most irresponsible generation (or two) in the history of this country. We have overturned the wishes of the founding fathers, abandoned sanity, decided to give ourselves anything and everything that we want (self-absorbed punks that we are), and the consequences to future generations be damned. It's all about us. ME. ME. ME...We WANT universal health care for FREE, darn it, so we are GOING TO HAVE IT, no matter what economic destruction it wreaks on our children, no matter what it's actual effect on health care or our economy will be...No matter what. It's really all about getting SOMEBODY ELSE TO PAY FOR OUR NEEDS (those 'rich' people are the favored imaginary cash cows). It's really all about stealing someone else's money. It's really all about THEFT. We are not righteous. We are not responsible. We are not worth jack squat. WE......stink. We are criminals. We vote for the biggest criminal on the ballot. We vote for whoever promises to steal the most from our brothers and sisters. We consciously work toward the destruction of all that made this country great, and we have the nerve to call it 'fair'.

What the stimulus checks really tell you is that government has been stealing far too much of your money for far too long. End of story. We've all known that for years and years, really. You'd have to be nearly retarded not to know it. When the government steals half your money, it's really not a surprise that you are SHORT OF MONEY, is it ???? I mean, HELLO ??? When we have the second highest corporate income tax rates in the world, it's really not surprising that business tries to relocate elsewhere, is it ? HELLO ? We actually have one political party (guess who ?) in this country that TREATS THE BUSINESS SECTOR AS THE ENEMY !!! Not to put too fine a point on it, but I'm almost completely certain that BUSINESS IS WHERE OUR JOBS AND OUR WEALTH COMES FROM !!! HELLO ??? Providing an environment that is unfriendly to business is about the stupidest thing we can possibly do. No wonder China makes everything, and our economy now depends on how much we spend at the mall. I'm sure this will be mentioned in the future book "The Rise And Fall Of The American Empire'.

We have a Social Security Trust Fund that is neither a Trust Fund nor provides Security. It might keep you in cat food when you get old, but it's actually nothing more than a hidden tax, PERIOD. They take all the money that is not paid out to current retirees and they immediately SPEND IT. They SPEND your so-called Trust Fund, and YOU LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT !!! If you are a brain-dead Democrat, you even TOUT THE FACT THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS RIPPING YOU OFF AS A GREAT FREAKING SUCCESS. How damn DUMB can you be ? You actually celebrate getting screwed. The Social Security RIP-OFF is used as an example of great progressive policy by the dumber-than-a-rock Democrats. Are you kidding me ? That's like holding Enron up as an example of how to do business. &**#$$!!@! Sure, tell me another one, like how Stalin was a great humanitarian.

Then, we have one entire political party who complains about tax cuts (any guesses which one that is ? It begins with a 'Dem' and ends with an 'ocrat'). HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT A TAX CUT ???? I hate to break it to you big government types, but taxes are nothing more than a NECESSARY EVIL. The more money the govenrment takes away from us, the WORSE OFF WE ARE. Have we raised entire generations who don't understand basic economics ? Have we brainwashed entire generations to the point that they can't add and subtract ? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Every time you hear a Democrat complain about taxes being cut, slap him or throw cold water in his face to snap him out of it (if the Dem is a woman, you can't slap her, so just rip a dollar bill in half and ask her which is more, the whole dollar or just the half).

Then along came the Compassionate Conservatives (liberals with an 'R' next their names). These people belong in a special circle of hell, because they destroyed Conservatism, and along with it the Republican party. Somebody must explain to me how GWB started a huge new Medicare Drug program when our country was already $7 trillion in debt, and how the current $11 trillion in debt after 7 1/2 years of that 'Conservative' president is actually conservative, because I don't get it. And every single Democrat who agrees with that last sentence can kiss my everlovin' backside, because YOUR party is A HUNDRED TIMES WORSE !!! Your party never met any government spending it didn't like. Government spending is what got us where we are. YOUR party is the reason taxes are so high to being with. YOUR party is the one that actually DESTROYED THE MIDDLE CLASS in this country for the most part. And you keep on promoting those same destructive policies, all the while pretending that YOU are the compassionate ones. In 1960, it wasn't hard to be middle class in this country. Your taxes, regulations, spending, and politically correct stupidity have destroyed all of that, so please stop talking. You are not the solution, you are the problem. All the liberal politicians are running around wringing their hands and wondering how to bring the middle class back (like I heard Obama doing yesterday on his free hour long political ad on Meet The Press). Obama is looking for a government solution to the destruction of the middle class that was caused by the government in the first place. It was caused by liberal policy, Mr. Obama, so guess what ? The anwer is NOT more liberal policy.

I'd love to be able to tell you to vote for this candidate or that candidate and we will suddenly start going down the right path, but I don't believe that. I don't like any of the three presidential candidates who are left. It comes down to picking the lesser of the three evils, as usual. Yippee. I would have told you to vote for Ron Paul had it not been for his insistence on throwing the middle east into immediate chaos with irresponsible foreign policy. Other than that, Paul could have reversed the rudder on this ship of fools. Instead, we have nothing good coming on the horizon. Just more of the same old, same old that brought us to where we are today. Too bad for us. Keep shopping, america (that was Bush's advice post 9/11, if you remember). It's increasingly becoming a house of cards, and you keep voting for more.



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