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Our Unbiased Mainstream Media

By Da King Published: February 4, 2008

mainstream media

Here we are, the day before Super Tuesday, when presidential primary elections will occur in 24 states. In the Republican party, most of those states are winner-take-all competitions. The winner gets all the delegates. The second place finisher gets nothing. Super Tuesday should settle the question of who the Republican nominee will be. So, does our media offer anything enlightening, like maybe an issue by issue comparison of the candidates positions in the newspaper, or maybe biographies of the candidates, to help any undecided voters make a last minute decision ?

Are you kidding ? Of course they don't do that. That would be informative. What the media is more interested in is being manipulative. The Associated Press published two articles: one is a hit piece on Mitt Romney called Romney's Economic Claims Challenged, and the other is a piece about McCain that says he has already won the nomination, called McCain Already Sounds Like GOP Nominee.

See, our wholly unbiased mainstream media (MSM) doesn't want the conservative guy (Romney) to win the Republican nomination. Our completely objective and upstanding professional "journalists" want the liberal guy (McCain) to win. I have no idea why our MSM prefers the liberal guy over the conservative guy, other than the fact that our MSM is made up of Democrats, that is. I'm sure that has nothing to do with it, just like the NY Giants defense had nothing to do with the Giants Super Bowl victory yesterday.

For their part, the liberal light of the printed word, the New York Times, also wrote a column about McCain that basically says McCain is the nominee. The headline there is Once A Thorn, McCain Courts A Wary Party. The Times doesn't even bother to mention the other leading Republican contender, old whatshisname, that rich, lying, Mormon cult member guy.

The beauty of this is, once the Associated Press and the New York Times have decided to tell people what they should think, it pretty much becomes national in the print media, because most of the other newspapers across the country get their news from those sources. Pretty slick how that works, isn't it ? This means that a handful of people have a very large influence.

The Times article even has some helpful hints for the "Republican renegade", the man who shall be known as "Maverick". They warn McCain, "...But in enveloping himself in the Republican cloak, Mr. McCain, his aides acknowledge, risks the outsider status that appeals to the independents and Democrats he might need to win in November". In other words, Mr. McCain, don't go turning Republican in order to win the Republican nomination. You are going to need your liberal friends come november (as if McCain is going to have ANY liberal friends come november). It's like Satan's temptation of Christ. Nothing but an illusion.

According to a study by the Indiana University School of Journalism:

The percentage of those [journalists] identifying themselves as Democrats dropped from 44.1 percent in 1992 to 35.9 percent in 2002. The percentage of those who claimed some other political affiliation grew from 3.5 percent in 1992 to 10.5 percent a decade later. There also was a small increase in the number of respondents who said they didn't know or refused to answer.

Translated, this means 35.9% are admitting they are Democrats, 10.5% are admitting they are Republican or have a third party affiliation). That means Democrats outnumber non-Democrats by a minimum of 3.5 to 1. Many journalists don't want their political affiliations known, due to the bias it reveals. Any way you extrapolate the numbers, the media overwhelmingly leans to the left. Another study found that 90% of journalists donated to Democrats between 2004 and 2007.

Yes, what a shocker. Like we didn't already now that would be the case.

For my part, I urge voters to ignore the MSM message that McCain the maverick has it in the bag, and that there's no reason for you to get off your couch and vote for rich liar Mitt Romney. I think you should go out and vote for Mitt Romney, the only actual Republican contending for the Republican nomination. If the MSM hates him THAT much, he must be pretty darn good !



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