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Pass That Buck, Barry

By Da King Published: June 3, 2010

Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that said "the buck stops here."

There must be a sign on Obama's desk that says "pass that buck," because he does it at every turn.

Obama's recent news conference about the oil spill included his usual buck passing. He blamed the Bush administration for the sorry state of the Minerals Management Service (MMS), the government agency assigned to oversee the oil industry. Obama attempted to paint a picture where Obama's Secretary Of The Interior, Ken Salazar, was mightily clearing out all the corruption from the previous admiinistration, but, darn the luck, Salazar just hadn't had enough time to finish the job before the BP oil spill happened.

What a crock.

First of all, the Obama administration kept the revolving door between government and private industry turning. Last june, Salazar appointed Sylvia Baca as a deputy administrator for land and minerals management. Baca's previous job ? She was an executve at BP (yes, that BP) for eight years. Baca's title at BP was Director of Global Health, Safety, Environment & Emergency Response for BP Shipping Ltd.

Hmmm. Sounds like Baca was in charge of things like....preventing oil spills, and having plans in place to address them if they did happen. How's that working out so far ? We now know nobody at BP or in government had the first clue how to stop this spill. It's all been seat of the pants since day one.

Second, if Obama knew the MMS was doing such a horrible job and safety standards were so lax, then why did he expand offshore drilling and continue to issue new deepwater drilling permits ? Does Obama have some sort of death wish ?

Of course, the previous two points only apply if you actually believe the words coming out of the President's mouth, which I do not. I stopped believing anything he says long ago. Obama is an oily slick politician, no pun intended, and he does what oily politicians do, which is to pass the buck and blame someone else. Obama's been doing that since the first day he started campaigning for President, and he has never stopped. He has never even slowed down. He has never stopped campaigning, which is very strange for a President who has been in office for over 16 months. I always get the impression that the Obama team sits around watching teevee news all day long, and then reacts to whatever is taking place in the news cycle that day. If the networks are hammering BP, the Obama teams says they are putting their boot on BP's neck. If the networks are questioning Obama's leadership, Obama holds his first full press conference in 308 days to proclaim he is in charge, even though his own Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, has been saying it's BP's show for weeks on end.

Barry the buck passer does it on every single issue.

Health Care - Obama castigates the Republicans for not going along with Obama, as if they are the ones impeding progress. What Obama doesn't tell you is that the majority of Americans don't go along with Obama on health care either, or that health insurance premiums will go UP instead of down with ObamaCare. Obama also doesn't tell you the Democrats cost estimates for ObamaCare are a complete joke.

Illegal Immigration - Obama condemns the Arizona law, blaming the Republican governor, Jan Brewer. What Obama doesn't tell you is that 70% of Arizonans agree with it, or that the Arizona law is weaker than the federal immigration law, which allows the government to stop suspected illegal immigrants for ANY reason, or no reason whatsoever. Obama also doesn't tell you that Arizona's law is due to the federal government's failure to secure our borders.

Financial Regulation Reform - Obama blames the Republicans again for not going along with the Democrats reform bill, as if the Republicans are in favor of financial meltdowns. What Obama doesn't say is that the "reform" leaves intact every single facet of what caused the mortgage bubble to pop and sparked the subsequent Wall Street meltdown. Fannie and Freddie are still operating, the low interest rates, variable rate, and subprime loans are all still allowed, the derivates are still allowed, and the secondary mortgage market casino is still open. No wonder the CEO of Goldman Sachs likes the bill.

Probably the most ludicrous Obama buck passing of all is when it comes to the debt and deficits. Obama was babbling on about that again yesterday, blaming Bush for turning the Clinton surplus into deficits. What Obama doesn't tell you is that HIS deficits make Bush look like a piker. Obama is running up deficits and debt faster than any President in history. If we continue on Obama's trajectory, and Barry manages to win a second term (god forbid), Obama just might run up MORE DEBT THAN EVERY PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION COMBINED. As it stands, he's on pace to run up $9-10 TRILLION in debt. He has no room to criticize anyone on debt/deficits until he gets his own fiscal house in order, which he show no signs of doing.

Someone should start counting the number of times Obama says the equivalent of "we inherited" when discussing an issue. He has to be the all-time champ on that score, the all-time buck passer. Harry Truman he ain't.



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