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Peter Schiff's Fair Share

By Da King Published: October 26, 2011

Peter Schiff is a financial expert, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Inc. He's been in the financial industry for a very long time, and he's part of the top 1% the Occupy Wall Street protestors are going after. Watch as Schiff goes into the crowd of OWSers and asks them straightforward questions about taxes and business. The lack of straight answers from the OWSers illustrates their simplemindedness. Once you get past their canned talking points, there's nothing else there.

I have to give Schiff credit for walking into that crowd. Brave man. My favorite part was when one of the OWSers finally said 35% was Schiff's "fair share", and Schiff replied, "that would be a huge tax cut for me". Oops. OWSer heads have clearly been stuffed full of economic fairy tales and divisive class warfare rhetoric (see: President Obama and friends). They simply don't have a clue.

Now all liberals reading this can robotically accuse me of acting on behalf of the top 1%, though I have no idea why I would want to do that, being one of the 99% myself. Maybe it's because they believe I hate the poor, or something equally ridiculous. What liberals will never do is attempt to understand HOW JOBS ARE CREATED, or admit that I might have a legitimate desire to see them created to benefit the people, and that's what informs my thinking on tax policy. That would be waaaay too honest for liberals. After all, it's harder to demonize someone who has good intentions. You must turn them into a devil first. If you don't believe me, read a little of the liberal Blog Of Mass Destruction. That is a prime example of persuasion via demonization. It's basically an endless stream of name-calling, negative characterizations, and attribution of bad intent toward anything non-liberal. It's a pure hate-fest.



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