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Political Reasons

By David King Published: March 27, 2013

For this blog post, I'd like to introduce you to the liberal voice inside my head (yes, there are voices inside my head) , who I'll refer to as Lib-erace. He screams left-wing talking points in my ear whenever I write anything that goes against progressive theology.  As you can imagine, Lib-erace screams at me A LOT. Befitting his name, my Lib-erace is a whiny, flamboyant fellow. He is prone to shrill fits of hysteria and rage. Unlike his namesake, however, my Lib-erace doesn't have any talent, which is unfortunate. If he could play Moonlight Sonata or a few Chopin nocturnes in my ear, he'd be a lot more welcome.  Sometimes I  laugh at and talk back to Lib-erace, which causes people on the bus to shy away and look at me funny. I am currently NOT taking any medication for my disorder, which I call Liberal Irritable Howl Syndrome (LIHS, pronounced "lies"), though once I drank a little too much and started talking to the portraits of former Presidents hanging on the walls of my big white house. No wait, that was Nixon, not me. Hmmm. Maybe I should be on medication...oh well.

On to today's content.

[Lib-erace: I am NOT hysterical !!!]

Hush, I haven't even gotten to the political stuff yet.


There's been another Pelosi sighting, and once again, she made the mistake of speaking into a microphone:

“I don't think [President Obama] has ever done anything for political reasons. This has been a president as bipartisan as any that I’ve seen.” - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

The only thing missing from Pelosi's statement was a rimshot and cymbal crash at the end. Everybody who believes Pelosi, raise your hand. I sincerely hope no hands are up.

[Lib-erace: My hand is up]

You don't have any hands, Lib-erace. You're just a voice.

{Lib-erace: That's why I can't play Moonlight Sonata].

For some bizarre reason that  I've never been able to fathom, the Democrats made Pelosi their leader in the House Of Representatives. That's like making Spicoli the class President of Ridgemont High. Why, Dems, why ? Does anyone have a rational explanation ?

The Dems keep handing Pelosi the microphone, and she keeps putting her foot in her mouth nearly every time they do.

Obama is an apolitical, bipartisan President, according to Pelosi ? Let's examine that contention.

First, the bipartisan claim. Let's check Obama's signature pieces of legislation. How many Republican votes did ObamaCare get ? Let me check...that would be ZERO. How many Republican votes did Obama's 2009 $800 billion stimulus package get ? Checking...ZERO in the House, and THREE in the Senate. How many Republicans supported Dodd-Frank ? THREE in the House, and THREE in the Senate. How many Republicans voted for Obama's last budget ? ZERO, and no Democrats voted for it either.

Unless "bipartisan" means "partisan", Obama's bipartisan record is pretty weak.

[Lib-erace: That's because Republicans are uncompromising traitors who only care about bringing down a black President !!!]

Yeah, either that, or it's because Obama keeps pushing things that go against Republican ObamaCare, $800 stimulus, Dodd-Frank, tax increases, etc.

[Lib-erace: Hmmph. Extremists].

Disagreeing with Obama does not make one an extremist.

[Lib-erace: Yes it does, you TeaPublican, Limbaugh-watching, Faux News watcher you].

Now, now. You know I hardly ever listen to Limbaugh, and I don't  watch Fox News any more than other tv news outlets. C-SPAN is my favorite TV news source for politics.

[Lib-erace: Yeah, but THEY don't know that. Ha ha].

They do now.

[Lib-erace: Move on to your next crackpot right-wing talking point already].

You mean like how I support gay marriage ?

[Lib-erace: Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Besides, my influence probably had a lot do with that]

Trust me, my beliefs exist in spite of you. It's when I agree with you that I fear I might be going off the rails.

[Lib-erace: Whatever].

Even though Obama NEVER does anything for political reasons (except for everything), his political action committee, renamed Organizing For Action (OFA), has taken an interesting position. They have come out in favor of public campaign financing. This is interesting because OFA's political raison d'etre, Barack Obama, is the guy who DESTROYED public campaign financing back in 2008, when he made the POLITICAL calculation that he could raise more money than his opponent if he rejected it. But, of course, Obama NEVER does anything for political reasons. Noooo. There must be a different reason Obama eschewed public campaign financing in 2008 and again in 2012. Or not. From the NY Times in 2008:

Citing the specter of attacks from independent groups on the right, Senator Barack Obama announced Thursday that he would opt out of the public financing system for the general election.

His decision to break an earlier pledge to take public money will quite likely transform the landscape of presidential campaigns, injecting hundreds of millions of additional dollars into the race and raising doubts about the future of public financing for national races.

In becoming the first major party candidate to reject public financing and its attendant spending limits, Mr. Obama contended that the public financing apparatus was broken and that his Republican opponents were masters at “gaming” the system and would spend “millions and millions of dollars in unlimited donations” smearing him.

But it is not at all clear at this point in the evolving campaign season that Republicans will have the advantage when it comes to support from independent groups. In fact, the Democrats appear much better poised to benefit from such efforts.

There you have it. Obama was for public campaign financing until a) he feared he would be attacked by political opponents, b) he feared Republicans would outspend him, and c) he discovered he could outspend Republicans by rejecting public campaign financing.

In other words, Obama was AGAINST public campaign financing for all practical purposes. He was FOR whatever it took to win, and it was ALL done for political reasons. Now OFA is flopping back to it's pre-flip position.

You have anything to say about that, Lib-erace ?

[Lib-erace: The recession was Bush's fault. Two wars, tax cuts for the rich...].

That's what I thought.



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