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Politics First, National Security Second

By Da King Published: April 27, 2009

In it's first 100 days, the Obama administration has shifted gears on national security issues. Does political ideology now trump national security ? Here are a few things to think about.

- The release of the Bush OLC "torture" memos. There was NO reason to release those memos, other than political ones. Obama cited a lawsuit as the reason, but Obama is the President. He could have resisted the lawsuit. The President Of The United States ALWAYS has the right to keep classified information secret. Obama's cited lawsuit justification was bogus. This was pure politics.

- The coming release of photos of alleged Iraq prisoner abuses. Obama is citing the same reasons as he did over the OLC "torture" memos. They are equally as bogus. Politics over national security again. The OLC memos and alleged abuse photos do NOTHING to help our national security, and do plenty to harm it as propaganda tools for the enemy.

- Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), said illegally crossing the border "isn't a crime." Since when, and in what country is that true ? Illegally crossing the border into any country is a crime. I'm sure glad Napolitano isn't concerned with border crossings, since she's only the head of HOMELAND freaking SECURITY. Good lord.

- Janet Napolitano released the absurd report about "rightwing extremism" that didn't cite a single rightwing group posing a threat (except for Timothy McVeigh, who is dead), but still managed to imply national threats from veterans, pro-lifers, border enforcers, and those who believe in the Constitution of the United States. Napolitano's rightwing extremist report may as well have cut to the chase and identified the "extremist" group she is really worried about - REPUBLICANS. Can I get a second on the idea that Janet Napolitano should be replaced as DHS head, and perhaps get a job more suited to her skills, like maybe as a Corporate Diversity Trainer at ?

- Obama is wavering on European missile defense, and said he'd be willing to abandon it in exchange for Iran's cooperation on nukes. Russia loves the idea, but, being old-school, I always thought the POTUS was supposed to advanced AMERICA'S interests, not Russia's.

- Obama announced the closure of the terrorist prison in Guantanomo Bay before he knew what to do with the detainees being held there. Strictly a public relations move. Since then, other countries have said they won't take the terrorists off our hands (what a shocker), and now Obama is saying he'll release 17 Chinese Gitmo terrorist detainees into the United States. What an improvement over the Bush policies ! NOT. No word yet on whether Obama will Free Mumia.

- Obama made a public announcement in banning ALL of the enhanced interrogation techniques used by the Bush administration following 9/11. Hurrah ! Our moral integrity as a nation is restored (and now the terrorists know exactly how to resist our new wimpy interrogation methods, which we've spelled out for them). I'm sure this will never be a problem, because the terrorist threat is all over.....right ?

- Obama closed all the overseas CIA detention centers. I guess this is okay, because we can't do anything to get captured terrorists to spill the beans anymore anyway. An unnamed source (which I can neither confirm nor deny as being me) says the Obama administration will replace the CIA detention center interrogation program with a new Take A Terrorist To Starbuck's program that is more "moral." Janet Napolitano says terrorists are known to have a fondness for double mocha lattes, and will surely not be able to resist. Victory is at hand.

- Obama halted the military commissions trial of the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing, for the obvious reason that we can't trust our own military to do anything right, especially during wartime. I'm sure that will boost soldier morale. We should use a more objective court to try detainees instead, preferably one selected by the ACLU, or even better yet, by the anti-semitic U.N. Human Rights Council. Musn't overlook international law, because Europe and Asia are better than us.

- The Obama administration made some critical changes in terminology. "Terrorism" is now "man-made disaster." (Does this make CO2 emissions a terrorist act ? I'm sure Algore would think so.) The "war on terror" is now the "overseas contingency operation." And "Republicans" will now be called "Evildoers," but that is only for internal White House communications. The official stance of the Obama administration will still be "tolerance and inclusivity." And naturally, "hope and change."

- Obama has given over $20 million in aid to the Palestinians in Gaza. The one itsy-bitsy problem here is that Gaza is run by Hamas, a designated terrorist group, and Hamas is known to intercept any and all humanitarian aid that heads it's way, diverting the aid for Hamas' own use. Even the U.N. has stopped sending aid to the Palestinians for this reason. In Obama's defense, he might see this as a key terrorist trust-building exercise. I don't know. In any case, it's only $20 million. It's not like we're talking about real money, and maybe we can make some new terrorist friends. It's not like we have any substantive ideological differences with Islamic extremists. We may be infidels, but we're inclusive infidels now.

- Obama's World Apology Tour 2009. Obama has apologized to Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, and South America. What can I say ? America sucks and the liberals know it. It's their new-fangled "power through weakness and self-doubt" theory. Come to think of it, it isn't that new.

- On the plus side, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says that we are now "on track" in Iraq. This is certainly good news. In only 100 days, Obama and company have us "on track" after six years of Bush ineptitude. Hillary's own intellectual journey on Iraq is also, um, "transformative." In 2002, she condemned Saddam for his wmd, echoing her hubby's position. In 2005, she condemned Bush for lying to her about Saddam's wmd. In 2006, she opposed the surge (which is the reason Iraq is "on track" today), and now she has come full circle back to supporting the US effort in Iraq. Hillary is most definitely a woman of principle. No transparent political motives in her. No sirree.

- Also on the plus side, Obama is ramping up the fight in Afghanistan, continuing the NSA surveillance Bush started, and is striking at Pakistan with drones (which Congress has never approved, in contrast to the Congressionally approved actions in Iraq and Afghanistan). No word yet on why the far lefties aren't calling Obama a war criminal and demanding he be prosecuted. I'm going to guess it's because he's a Democrat, but maybe there's another reason. If so, I'd love to hear it.



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